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Brittany Davidson

Brittany is the main writer and content creator for Food Questions. She believes life is worth living if you're constantly learning, enjoying, and admiring things. Passion is her backbone and she tries not to do anything without it. Sharing information is as valuable as sharing a smile, Brittany says.

What is Pad See Ew? (Recipe)

pad see ew close

What is Pad See Ew? (Recipe) Pad See Ew is no ordinary dish… it’s practically the equivalent of fried rice in terms of popularity in Thai restaurants. The cool thing is it was originally a creation from China. It was happily adopted by Thailand and transformed into something incredible. Pad …

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Chuck Eye Roast Recipe

chuck eye roast recipe beef

Chuck Eye Roast Recipe This delicious chuck eye roast recipe will leave you licking your lips! Until I asked Ms. Kristi, I wasn’t sure where to begin! I didn’t even know what cut of meat “chuck eye” came from… I’m slightly more educated now and prepared to share the information …

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Delicious Pretzel Stick Recipe

pretzel stick recipe whole

Delicious Pretzel Stick Recipe Do you have a decent amount of pretzels that are about to go bad? That doesn’t have to happen with this pretzel stick recipe! Thanks to mama Kristi, I’ve learned how to make good use of those ready-to-expire pretzel sticks. Don’t wander off too far if …

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Quick & Easy Tapas Recipe

tapas recipe restaurant

Quick & Easy Tapas Recipe Surely I’m not the only one that’s never prepared a tapas recipe… No matter, we’re going to be changing that today! By now, I’m sure you all know how simple I like to keep things, especially when I’m new to it. This tapas recipe isn’t …

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What Are Some Refreshing Summer Cocktails?

refreshing summer cocktails party

What Are Some Refreshing Summer Cocktails? It won’t be long before the humidity leaves us parched. That thought struck up some curiosity within me… What are some refreshing summer cocktails? Other than spiked teas, margaritas, and pirate-friendly drinks, I’m pretty unaware of all my summertime drink options. We’re going to change …

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What is Galliano?

what is galliano bottle

What is Galliano? What is Galliano, you ask? The slightly sunny-looking, alcoholic drink is named Galliano L’Autentico. The color is meant to be a slight reminder of the gold rushes of and before that time. The popular Italian liqueur was crafted by a fellow known as Arturo Vaccari. He paid tribute to …

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Easy Chicken Fajitas Recipe

easy chicken fajitas recipe skillet

Easy Chicken Fajitas Recipe With my easy chicken fajitas recipe, you’ll never have to let your fajita-cravings go unsatisfied again! You also won’t have to spend around $10 for only 2 or 3 fajitas anymore! I “created” my recipe very easily. I thought of the ingredients I like that are …

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French Ice Cream: Explained

french ice cream lavender

French Ice Cream: Explained Are you wondering what the difference between French ice cream and American ice cream is? The quickest and simplest answer is egg yolks or the lack thereof. If you’re quite familiar with American (Philadelphia-style) ice cream, you know it isn’t very thick and attracts ice crystals like barbecues …

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Top Chef Restaurants in the South

top chef restaurants gunshow

Top Chef Restaurants in the South Do you enjoy watching Top Chef? If so, you’re in luck! Today, we’re going to discuss some Top Chef restaurants that are (almost) in our backyard! There are several restaurants owned and/or operated by Top Chef winners and runner-ups scattered across the country. I live in the South, (Tennessee, …

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