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Brittany Davidson

Brittany is the main writer and content creator for Food Questions. She believes life is worth living if you're constantly learning, enjoying, and admiring things. Passion is her backbone and she tries not to do anything without it. Sharing information is as valuable as sharing a smile, Brittany says.

What is Red Velvet Cake Made Of?

what is red velvet cake made of featured

What is Red Velvet Cake Made Of? Love the dessert, but catching yourself wondering “what is red velvet cake made of?” Like, what could possibly make it so red and so deliciously rich year-round? (Even though as a child I only saw it made around Thanksgiving). My initial logical explanation …

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Fluffy Cream Cheese Frosting

fluffy cream cheese frosting cupcake

Fluffy Cream Cheese Frosting Fluffy cream cheese frosting… yum! I could eat pinky-tip-dips of the stuff more often than I’d like to imagine! I haven’t been fond of eating baked goods most of my life though I do enjoy making them. Something about the pleasant aroma and warmness radiating at the …

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Easy Goat Cheese Sauce

goat cheese sauce skillet

Easy Goat Cheese Sauce My family and I eat lots of goat cheese sauce! Pretty much any time we go out and enjoy chips and salsa, we enjoy goat cheese sauce as well. I hadn’t gotten to experience (and remember) it until I was almost 20! I had never really …

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What Exactly is Orzo Pilaf?

orzo pilaf beans

What is Orzo Pilaf? Are you wondering how orzo pilaf might be different from rice pilaf? Until I reminded myself of what orzo was compared to rice, I wasn’t sure! My brain always tricks me into thinking orzo is rice at first, but it’s not! It’s pasta that’s rice-shaped. It …

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Cranberry Tart Made Easy

cranberry tart pie

Cranberry Tart Made Easy I had no idea it could be so easy to make a cranberry tart. I thought those little (sometimes pocket-sized) pies would surely be one of the hardest things I’d ever learn to make. I was so very happily wrong! Cranberries are so good! My mom always made …

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How to Make Escarole Salad


How to Make Escarole Salad If you love leafy, green salads, give escarole salad a try! It’s perfect alongside some good meat to flatter guests or even by itself due to how beautiful its leaves are! Its taste is also highly favored because, well, we all realize regular ol’ lettuce …

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Summer Vegetable Recipes

summer vegetable recipes peppers

Summer Vegetable Recipes Summertime is creeping up on us ever-so-steadily! That means it’s time to share some summer vegetable recipes! Radishes and cucumbers are two of my favorite summer vegetables. I asked my mom what some good recipes for some of those veggies might be and she was happy to …

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How to Make Mushroom Fried Rice


How to Make Mushroom Fried Rice Mushroom fried rice is one of the greatest culinary inventions, like ever! Well, fried rice definitely is. I love its versatility. I love mushrooms probably just as much as I love rice! I go through frequent phases of heavy rice eating. I think I …

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What Are Some Good Grilled Desserts?

grilled desserts fruit

What Are Some Good Grilled Desserts? It’s almost time to bust out all the outdoor cooking equipment and surprise guests with grilled desserts! If your reaction was anything like mine, your eyebrows raised in interest and slight horror at the same time. Aren’t most desserts kind of messy? They’re known …

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Easy Wine Ice Cream Recipe

wine ice cream recipe featured

Easy Wine Ice Cream Recipe Have you been hoping to come across a wine ice cream recipe since you first heard about it? (The retail price of a carton isn’t the cheapest thing around). I sure have! I just hadn’t really thought about looking any up until now! But I’m …

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