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Simple Baked Sweet Potato Recipe

Simple Baked Sweet Potato Recipe

Often times, especially when it comes to sweet potatoes, simplicity is best. If you go anywhere here in the south, you hear so many of us ranting and raving about our natural dessert delicacy! Heck, people have been known to try and eat these babies right out of the ground! But if you want the benefits of more unlocked nutrients, you should probably cook it. That’s where my simple baked sweet potato recipe comes in to bring you some nutrition!

The Only Things You Need:

  • At least one sweet, delicious, potato. If you want this as your main course, grab a bunch!
  • Water, for rinsing, otherwise don’t sweat it!
  • An oven or a microwave. My personal preference is an oven, but you can enjoy baked potatoes by using your microwave instead.
  • (A baking pan is optional if you don’t wish to place the potatoes directly on the rack.)
  • (A poker is also optional. I like poking the potatoes for peace of mind when it comes to thorough cooking. Toothpicks, forks, knives, or anything of the sort should work. We aren’t aiming for fanciness. We just wanna taste these sweet potatoes!)

I’ll discuss the oven method first followed by the microwave oven method.

Baked Sweet Potato Preparation

  1. Preheat your oven. The temperature recommended is between 350-400°F. It’s all up to you, just choose based on your preferred tenderness and ability to check your food. I usually do mine around 375°F and let them cook for roughly 1 hour.
  2. Rinse your ‘taters if you’d like, but do dry them a bit if you do.
  3. Poke those potatoes! (Or don’t, it doesn’t typically affect much). The number of times is totally up to you. I like to use a fork and poke in a straight line where I would cut the potato when it’s done.
  4. Place them on the rack and let them cook! The only thing left to check is the tenderness once your cooking time passes. (I check mine after 30 minutes, just to be safe).

Microwave Baked Sweet Potato Directions

  1. Rinse.
  2. Poke. This is important in microwaving potatoes. Solid objects do tend to explode if not well-ventilated in microwaves.
  3. Cook for around 7-10 minutes, turning the potatoes halfway through.


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