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Banana Tempura Made Easy

Banana Tempura Made Easy
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I’m sure most of you have heard of shrimp tempura, so have you heard of banana tempura? If you haven’t heard of tempura at all, it’s a wonderfully crispy, deep-fried treat. It’s a technique most commonly used on meats like chicken and shrimp. It is usually as crunchy as (or crunchier than) our beloved deep-fried chicken and a lot lighter on our bellies. It still isn’t the best thing in the world for you, but it doesn’t sit (as uncomfortably as said chicken) with you nearly as.. clingily.

Anyhoo, I enjoy bananas quite a bit. I enjoyed my first frozen, chocolate-dipped banana only a few years ago! I have since been yearning to try a fried, chocolate-dipped banana. Just for the sake of trying it! The mushiness of a banana tends to get to me before I’m done with a whole one, so frozen and fried bananas are perfection to me!

What Do I Need?

You need frying oil and bananas, most importantly. I would use canola oil, but vegetable or anything without a strong taste is fine.

You also need panko or tempura breading. If you don’t wish to buy this and have flour and cornstarch at home, you may take that route. The ratios will change, but you can enjoy the same dessert!

Water, sugar, and honey are the only other things you’ll need. Maybe a little cinnamon if you enjoy it on fried desserts. (I’d definitely add some if it were mine! Just a sprinkle!)

If you have all of that and the proper cooking equipment (mixing bowls, a heavy saucepan or deep frying pan, and tongs [to avoid getting burnt]), you should be set!

The main thing to watch out for is the breading batter. You don’t want it to be smooth, which is very hard to resist, at least on my end. I like to make all my batters smooth, whether they require that or not! This ends in disaster sometimes, so please take my advice!

When you’re done frying up the banana tempura pups, sprinkle your sugar and tricizzle (trickle/drizzle) your honey on top of them while they’re still hot. Serve them before the cool too much and you’re sure to have many happy mouths. If you like bananas and tempura, your mouth should be happy, at the very least! Enjoy!

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