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Best Places to Eat in Brooklyn

Best Places to Eat in Brooklyn
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As someone who’s never been there, I’m curious as to what some of the best places to eat in Brooklyn are. I recently watched a video on Brooklyn and its eats because I’m interested in the differences between Northern and Southern go-to foods. I couldn’t remember everywhere it mentioned, so I decided to research a bit.

Let’s begin by discussing a few of the must-sees if you visit Brooklyn!

Biggest Attractions in Brooklyn

If you don’t have a lot of time to check out all the restaurants we’ll discuss later, settle on one or two and go check out some of the things that make Brooklyn… well, Brooklyn! Some of the coolest places to check out would be:

  1. Brooklyn Bridge & Park
  2. Coney Island
  3. Brooklyn Botanic Garden
  4. Brooklyn Museum
  5. New York Transit Museum

You could probably spend an entire day just visiting one or two of those places. After looking into each of them (remember, I’ve never been!), I think I would enjoy going to all of those places. I got to visit the Biltmore gardens with my mom when we visited North Carolina, and it was one of the most beautiful gardens I’ve ever seen. I’m highly interested in checking out large botanical gardens now!

I also haven’t ridden a transit bus, so I think the New York Transit Museum would be really neat as well! Of course, if you’ve never witnessed it in movies or in person, Coney Island is a must.

Now, on to the food!

Best Restaurants in Brooklyn

I loosely based my list off of this map and list of popular restaurants in Brooklyn. For location and more details, check their link out. The order of this list has no meaning to me, as I’ve never tried food from any of these places. I also chose to list only the “better” of each specialty cuisine restaurant based on reviews to keep the list shorter.

  • Tekoá: known for delicious sweets and coffee.
  • Frankel’s Delicatessen: Jewish deli with great reviews and heavy traffic. Must be great!
  • Rider: Two-floor dining specializing in small plates & drinks, to make you feel fancy!
  • Belle Shoals: Southern-style cookin’ along with proudly strong cocktails and a jukebox for those who love nostalgia.
  • Sushi Ganso: Sushi is obviously the main item on this menu. Has rave reviews from locals.
  • Bar Omar: A wide-variety food and bar, with near and at 5-star reviews. (More than 5 tallies)
  • Lilia: A nearly 5-star homemade Italian food restaurant. Handmade pasta?! Yes, please.
  • Syndicated: Here you get to enjoy dinner, a movie, and a drink. Fancy schmancy. No, really. It sounds awesome.
  • Insa: This place is known for amazing Korean barbecue and their private karaoke rooms. How cool is that? I’ve seen anime shows and movies showing cafes with karaoke rooms, but you can do it in real life (and in America)?! Awesome.
  • Le Garage: A casual-dining French restaurant, highly acclaimed.
  • Llama Inn: A Peruvian restaurant! Nearly 5 stars across the board. I don’t know if I’ve ever enjoyed Peruvian cuisine and I think I’d love to!
  • ZuriLee Restaurant: Interesting ingredients on brick oven pizzas. One of the comments said something about amazing oxtail pizza?
  • Cozinha Latina: Brazilian food with Brazilian-style graffiti (known as Pichação) to admire as you eat.
  • Pizza Moto: Neapolitan pizza; good-for-you basic ingredients + brick oven = superb taste. Over 100+ reviews on multiple sites and 5 stars on almost all of those!
  • Werkstatt: Austrian restaurant with beer (and wine) on tap. Wine on tap? I’m in.
  • Moku Moku: Japanese izakaya (food-oriented bar, popular to go to after working all day).
  • The Food Sermon: Caribbean cuisine; 5 stars through and through (mostly).

Hopefully, you get the pleasure of experiencing one of these best places to eat in Brooklyn! Let me know about your experience if you’ve never gone!

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