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Can You Use Buffalo Sauce to Spice Up Vegetarian Dishes?

Can You Use Buffalo Sauce to Spice Up Vegetarian Dishes?
Can You Use Buffalo Sauce to Spice Up Vegetarian Dishes?

Buffalo sauce and chicken wings go hand in hand. Whenever we talk about this particular spicy, hot sauce, we have to mention it alongside chicken or any other type of meat that is deemed to be an ideal complement to this world renowned condiment. If you are a vegetarian or a vegan, you have probably never had a taste of buffalo sauce before. Perhaps you have brought home store bought buffalo sauces to find out what’s so incredible about this ingredient. But these processed products can be agonizingly disappointing. They taste nothing like the special homemade buffalo sauces that are prepared in top kitchens around the world. The store bought product is not going to tantalize your taste buds and it is certainly not going to make you a big fan of this specific hot sauce.

Does this mean that you have no other option but to resort to meat to get a true taste of buffalo sauce? Not really. Vegetarians do not necessarily have to miss out on the fun of indulging in the amazing buffalo sauce. All you have to do is get out of your comfort zone, broaden the horizons of your imagination and get your creative juices flowing. There are a variety of ways in which you can incorporate buffalo sauce to elevate the flavour profile of your vegetarian dishes. You just need to be aware of how to make the best use of this sauce in combination with complementary ingredients.

To help you improve your understanding of how buffalo sauce can accentuate the appeal of vegetarian dishes, we have prepared a simple list of five delicious buffalo sauce ideas for people who do not want to be anywhere near meat:

1) Buffalo Chickpea Tortilla Bites

The tortilla bread tastes quite exquisite when combined with fresh vegetarian ingredients. Using chickpea to fill up a tortilla roll is a great way to create a healthy, delicious and hearty lunch. However, if you desire an added punch or kick, then you can coat the chickpea filling with buffalo sauce. Some people like to dip the tortilla roll in the buffalo sauce before taking a bite of this mouth-watering lunch item. However, smearing the buffalo sauce all over the chickpea filling before wrapping it up with the tortilla bread is going to make your ‘buffalo experience’ even more enjoyable.

2) Buffalo Chickpea Sweet Potato Burgers

Burgers can be made without meat. The idea of having a burger without a patty of beef or chicken may sound quite bizarre and repulsive to someone who is not familiar with vegetarian fast food. However, we can assure you that vegetarian burgers taste nothing like hospital food. In fact, some of them are so good, that they can easily give generic meat burgers sold at popular fast food outlets a run for their money. If you are still not convinced, then you can always have a chickpea sweet potato burger that has been well seasoned with buffalo sauce. The presence of the buffalo sauce will make you forget the absence of meat in the burger.

3) Buffalo Chickpea Pizza

We know what you are thinking right now. There is another buffalo and chickpea combination in the list? Chickpeas, whether used as a filling or a topping, seem to bring out the best in a buffalo sauce. It has that nutty, earthy and creamy flavour that sharply contrasts the hot, spicy and zingy taste of the buffalo sauce. As far as the pizza goes, the fewer ingredients you put on the slices, the tastier they will turn out to be. The chickpea and buffalo sauce is pretty much all you need to make this vegan pizza stand out from the crowd.

4) Buffalo Cauliflower Bites

Cauliflower bites are the kind of vegetarian food that would make even the most ardent carnivores question their dietary habits. These small bites encapsulate everything that’s good about vegetarian food. Adding the buffalo sauce into the mix takes this snack to a whole another level. No one can complain about eating bland cauliflower bites once the buffalo sauce has been generously smeared over each and every single delightful piece of cauliflower.

5) Buffalo Sauce Hummus

Hummus, when made properly, tastes incredibly well on its own. However, people who have hummus on a regular basis can get quite tired of its repetitive taste. To spice things up, the hummus can be prepared with buffalo sauce as an added special ingredient. The taste of buffalo sauce may come off as a little weird at the beginning. However, once you start dipping your freshly baked pita bread into buffalo sauce hummus you will know exactly why this dish caps off this wonderful little list. Now you get to smear buffalo sauce and hummus on everything at the same time!

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