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Common Questions

What Are Spring Soups?

spring soups featured

What Are Spring Soups? When I first heard the phrase “spring soups,” I figured it had something to do with the season or it was a specialty soup. The combination of those two thoughts is relatively correct! Spring soups are traditionally prepared with spring harvests. Many of the foods we …

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Get Rid of Garlic Breath Easily

get rid of garlic breath person

Get Rid of Garlic Breath Easily For those of us that enjoy it throughout many points of the day, knowing how to get rid of garlic breath is as essential as breathing! Maybe not really, but it can be almost as easy. It can be uncomfortable and embarrassing to endure …

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How to Make Avocado Aioli

avocado aioli sauce

How to Make Avocado Aioli Avocado aioli sounds like ravioli. But it’s far from it! There aren’t any delicious pockets encasing anything in aioli. It is most often used as a dip, sandwich, or wrap dressing. Though, as with many of those things, it can be used for much more. …

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Can You Still Buy Zima?


Can You Still Buy Zima? “Can you still buy Zima?” was a question a dear friend of mine had for me the other day. I had never even heard what they were asking about! I laughed and asked if they meant to say “lima beans.” They laughed, shook their head, …

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Is Poke Tuna Poked Tuna?


What is Poke Tuna? Poke tuna, or tuna poke (poke, eh?! is my pronunciation), is craved by many, served by plenty, and enjoyed by most in Hawaii! Poke can be a wide variety of things, like many other dishes, but many understand that poke is usually a fish salad of …

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What is Pork Souvlaki?

pork souvlaki featured

What is Pork Souvlaki? Pork souvlaki (souvlakia if plural) is traditionally a Greek form of fast food. They usually make souvlaki with pork or lamb, but other meats can be used as well. It might sound a little weird, but all it is is meat on a skewer! Roasted meat marinated in garlic, …

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What is Caribbean Jerk Chicken?

caribbean jerk chicken featured

What is Caribbean Jerk Chicken? Almost 10 years ago I asked, “what is Caribbean jerk chicken?” when I visited Jamaica with my mom. We had never traveled there before but had heard mention of it on our way. We understood and were surprised by the descriptions of the taste we had …

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How Do I Make Smoked Salmon Salad?


How Do I Make Smoked Salmon Salad? Are you interested in making a smoked salmon salad? They’re incredibly healthy and delicious! Especially with spinach as the salad base. It costs a little extra, but you can buy relatively fresh, ready-to-eat smoked salmon in stores. You may also choose to smoke salmon …

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How to Make Yummy Tuna Ceviche

tuna ceviche featured

How to Make Yummy Tuna Ceviche Are you asking yourself “what could tuna ceviche be?”  Ceviche is a classic South American dish. It isn’t always tuna, but it is always raw seafood or fish. It is marinated in citrus juice before serving. I like sushi… but I imagine this will be …

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What is Chicken Chasseur?

white chicken chasseur featured

What is Chicken Chasseur? Chicken chasseur is a great recipe for fans of French cuisine. It traditionally contains dark meat, mushrooms, wine, herbs, and spices. The recipe I’ll be explaining is tweaked to my liking, though, so no dark meat! Chicken breast instead. We’ll also be adding some crushed tomatoes, …

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