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Chicken Schnitzel Recipe

chicken schnitzel recipe australian

Chicken Schnitzel Recipe Under Austrian dining influence, we’re going to make a chicken schnitzel recipe today! Chicken schnitzel is just an adaptation of the original schnitzel, which is generally made with veal or pork! Does the name still sound unappealing? It’s just tenderized, thin, breadcrumb-jacketed, fried chicken! Some might even …

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Summer Vegetable Recipes

summer vegetable recipes peppers

Summer Vegetable Recipes Summertime is creeping up on us ever-so-steadily! That means it’s time to share some summer vegetable recipes! Radishes and cucumbers are two of my favorite summer vegetables. I asked my mom what some good recipes for some of those veggies might be and she was happy to …

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How Are Chicken and Eggs Served?

chicken and eggs oyakodon

How Are Chicken and Eggs Served? Let me start off by saying I’ve heard of many different ways to prepare chicken and eggs! Many, many different dishes exist around those two things. Here in the South, we’re obviously fairly familiar with fried chicken and the occasional scrambled egg. (Mostly if you …

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Shrimp in Garlic Sauce

shrimp in garlic sauce featured

Shrimp in Garlic Sauce Garlic plus shrimp equals shrimp in garlic sauce! One of my favorite combinations, ever! Seafood just goes so well with garlic and butter, doesn’t it? So creamy and flavorful! I can’t even begin to count all the times I’ve ordered shrimp in garlic sauce over pasta …

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Lemongrass Chicken Recipe

lemongrass chicken recipe soup

Lemongrass Chicken Recipe There are so many ways to make a lemongrass chicken recipe! If you like citrusy chicken and haven’t had the chance to try a lemongrass chicken recipe, do so now! The dish is most popular in Vietnam but it’s delicious anywhere in the world! But before you …

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What is Pork Souvlaki?

pork souvlaki featured

What is Pork Souvlaki? Pork souvlaki (souvlakia if plural) is traditionally a Greek form of fast food. They usually make souvlaki with pork or lamb, but other meats can be used as well. It might sound a little weird, but all it is is meat on a skewer! Roasted meat marinated in garlic, …

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How to Make the Best Grilled Rack of Lamb


How to Make the Best Grilled Rack of Lamb I’ve never eaten a grilled rack of lamb. I’ve never eaten any lamb, to my knowledge, since I’m thinking about it. I hear they’re incredibly tender and flavorful when correctly prepared! That doesn’t stop me from being curious as to how it’s …

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What is Chicken Chasseur?

white chicken chasseur featured

What is Chicken Chasseur? Chicken chasseur is a great recipe for fans of French cuisine. It traditionally contains dark meat, mushrooms, wine, herbs, and spices. The recipe I’ll be explaining is tweaked to my liking, though, so no dark meat! Chicken breast instead. We’ll also be adding some crushed tomatoes, …

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How to Make Fried Ribs


How to Make Fried Ribs My recipe for fried ribs is deliciously easy. Grab some St. Louis-style spareribs, cornstarch, and oil from the grocery store. Any seasonings from there are totally optional. The way I’ve chosen to season my fried ribs should make even my grandmother proud! If you like your …

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