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Hard Boiled Egg Sandwich

hard boiled egg sandwich norwegian

Hard Boiled Egg Sandwich Remember how often I mention how much I love spinach? It goes so well with a hard boiled egg sandwich, too! Spinach is so amazing! So are hard boiled eggs. They can be a meal by themselves, they can be added to salads, sandwiches, deviled, and …

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Yummy Salads with Chicken

salads with chicken fried

Yummy Salads with Chicken Have you ever sat and thought about all the different types of salads with chicken? I immediately thought of green, leafy salads. I was getting ready to write, then I thought of chicken salad sandwiches. Chicken salad that way isn’t made the same way the green …

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Best Places to Eat in Brooklyn

best places to eat in brooklyn main

Best Places to Eat in Brooklyn As someone who’s never been there, I’m curious as to what some of the best places to eat in Brooklyn are. I recently watched a video on Brooklyn and its eats because I’m interested in the differences between Northern and Southern go-to foods. I …

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Fluffy Cream Cheese Frosting

fluffy cream cheese frosting cupcake

Fluffy Cream Cheese Frosting Fluffy cream cheese frosting… yum! I could eat pinky-tip-dips of the stuff more often than I’d like to imagine! I haven’t been fond of eating baked goods most of my life though I do enjoy making them. Something about the pleasant aroma and warmness radiating at the …

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Easy Goat Cheese Sauce

goat cheese sauce skillet

Easy Goat Cheese Sauce My family and I eat lots of goat cheese sauce! Pretty much any time we go out and enjoy chips and salsa, we enjoy goat cheese sauce as well. I hadn’t gotten to experience (and remember) it until I was almost 20! I had never really …

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How to Make Escarole Salad


How to Make Escarole Salad If you love leafy, green salads, give escarole salad a try! It’s perfect alongside some good meat to flatter guests or even by itself due to how beautiful its leaves are! Its taste is also highly favored because, well, we all realize regular ol’ lettuce …

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Summer Vegetable Recipes

summer vegetable recipes peppers

Summer Vegetable Recipes Summertime is creeping up on us ever-so-steadily! That means it’s time to share some summer vegetable recipes! Radishes and cucumbers are two of my favorite summer vegetables. I asked my mom what some good recipes for some of those veggies might be and she was happy to …

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How Are Chicken and Eggs Served?

chicken and eggs oyakodon

How Are Chicken and Eggs Served? Let me start off by saying I’ve heard of many different ways to prepare chicken and eggs! Many, many different dishes exist around those two things. Here in the South, we’re obviously fairly familiar with fried chicken and the occasional scrambled egg. (Mostly if you …

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What is a Vietnamese Crepe?

vietnamese crepe on plate

What is a Vietnamese Crepe? Any idea what a Vietnamese crepe might be? Is anyone as clueless as I am? Do you know what a crepe is? I’ve noticed, the more I write, how dismissive my mind is. I can’t recall how many times I’ve heard the word or perhaps even seen …

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