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Chickpea Fries at Home

Chickpea Fries at Home

Oh my goodness, I love chickpeas, so I’m sure chickpea fries are the bomb before I even begin! Yum! Just the idea sounds great. I didn’t know this was a thing, either. No wonder I had such limited taste growing up. I didn’t understand how food worked, or how one ingredient can taste so different depending on how it’s prepared.

I’m forever grateful to the Internet for the ease of access to this information I so greatly lacked. I first encountered chickpeas at a local restaurant specializing in Asian dishes. They were absolutely marvelous and I’ve been looking for different ways to try them since then.

What Do I Need to Make Chickpea Fries?

  • Chickpea flour. You can make or buy this. In order to make it, you just have to buy some garbanzo beans (also known as our chickpeas) and grind them up into a floury powder. You can do this with a blender, processor, or grinder. I’ll use a coffee grinder.
  • Frying oil such as olive or canola, depending on your wallet’s budget. I frequently go back and forth between those two far more often than getting vegetable oil now.
  • Seasoning to taste. Salt and pepper, of course, make everything wonderful. Maybe something like Adobo or even a meaty broth to add even more delectable flavor.
  • A saucepan for the chickpea flour, seasoning, and liquid combination.
  • Plastic wrap or paper and
  • A square cooling surface such as a baking sheet.
  • A frying pot for the final product.
  • A resting plate for the hot, final product.

How Do I Make Them Since They’re Not Potatoes?

You might be looking at the ingredients and wondering how this will become a “fry.” I did, at least. Once you’ve combined your chickpea flour with your seasonings and cooked it (to a paste), you will transfer it to the lined baking sheet, cover, and cool it. The cooling process will take about 2 hours, depending on your fridge’s temperature levels. Once the mixture is solid through and through, you can turn it into chickpea fries!

  1. Grab the solid chickpea “paste” sheet and cut it up. The shape and size are totally up to your desires, but keep in mind the standard shape of our beloved “fries.” Cut them into relatively thin strips.
  2. Warm your oil up to piping hot temperatures. Since we’re deep frying these babies, the oil needs to be so hot it’s ready to pop up onto your skin. (Don’t let it actually touch your skin, though).
  3. Toss your strips in the frying pot in appropriate batches, taking care not to overcrowd the pot. The insides will be soft and almost gooey with a nice, crunchy exterior when they’re ready to eat.

Like regular french fries, you’ll love them most when they’re hot! No one likes cold fries, no matter what kind of fries they may be. Fries are meant to be enjoyed super fresh and super warm! Sprinkle some seasoning on top of the fresh chickpea fries as soon as they come out of the oil and serve them with your favorite chickpea dressing or dip.

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