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Traditional Christmas Cocktail

Traditional Christmas Cocktail

When I think of enjoying a Christmas cocktail, I automatically think of eggnog. I can’t drink milk and shouldn’t eat cheese. This isn’t an issue for many because they do not enjoy drinking milk. I loved it. It was tough to get used to. But what I’ve managed to do is sacrifice drinking milk completely in order to be able to eat cheese in moderation. The only exceptions I make are when I crave super chocolatey milk (maybe twice a year) or eggnog. I only crave eggnog once a year, which is unmistakeably around Christmas. It’s what I view to be the traditional Christmas cocktail.

Ever since I was little, I can’t remember a Christmas I didn’t envision sipping on non-alcoholic (minus the “not” in my later years) eggnog and dipping gingerbread cookies into it. Since I loved milk, it looked delicious before I even knew what it was!

I loved it without alcohol once I did try it. When I tried it for the first time 2 years ago, with alcohol, I was pleasantly surprised as well. I worried it would make my stomach sour, but it didn’t. (I wouldn’t drink more than one or two glasses, though). That was thanks to a light dairy ratio. The heavier you go with the milk products, the more likely you are to be a bit uncomfortable later!

What Do I Need for the Christmas Cocktail?

The ingredients will vary, but some type of milk should remain your base because that is the eggnog’s heart!

  • egg yolk, separated from egg white (both used)
  • sugar
  • whole milk
  • heavy cream or whipped cream
  • nutmeg
  • bourbon, rum, and/or whiskey

Leave out the alcohol if you’d like, and there are other substitutions available online. I just chose these because out of my collected information, these seemed to be the most well-accepted ingredients for a standard eggnog.

Measurements vary, depending on preference, but you will use a decent amount of eggs compared to everything else. (4 for most recipes I came across).

What Do I Do?

If you’ve figured out your ideal measurements, get to beating those naughty eggs up for Santa! Okay, Santa wouldn’t want you to beat them up, but your guests would. The eggnog would not turn out very well otherwise! But before you beat them, separate the egg yolks from the egg whites.

  1. Beat the egg yolks in one bowl until they aren’t a dark yellow.
  2. Add some sugar in slowly.
  3. Add the dairy products, nutmeg, and alcohol to the egg yolks and sugar bowl.
  4. Combine into a smooth mixture.
  5. In a separate bowl, beat the egg whites into soft peaks.
  6. Add some (extra) sugar and beat them until they have stiff peaks*.
  7. Combine everything in one bowl and stir it until it is a smooth, creamy mixture. 
  8. For the best reactions (especially from hesitant guests), serve your eggnog nice and cold!

*information on how to beat egg whites into a stiff peak, because I had no freaking clue what that even meant.

Hopefully you enjoy your Christmas cocktail as much as I enjoy mine!

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