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Cold Soups (Deliciously Un-American)

Cold Soups (Deliciously Un-American)

Cold soups…? Aren’t soups supposed to be warm, hot, even? We’re used to them warming our cold, winter hearts more than anything else here in America. But that isn’t the only purpose for soup! Cold soups don’t warm your insides, they cool them. If you’re intrigued, try making one this summer when the heat proves to be a bit much.

Most of us have probably heard the word “gazpacho” in passing many times in our lives. But unless you’ve eaten it or looked into its meaning, you probably only understood it was some type of soup. Well, gazpacho is a cold soup! It originated in Spain and is one of the most commonly heard of cold soups. It typically has tomatoes for a base as well as a few other veggies.

Countries That Love Cold Soups

I tried searching for American cold soups but found very little original material. As I mentioned earlier, it’s not nearly as popular to serve here as it is in other countries! The unhot soups that are popular here seem to center around fruits. For instance, there were blueberry and strawberry cold soup recipes. Sounds interesting and hopefully yummy!

  • Spain – they love cold soups in Spain! It’s on the above-mentioned list at least 3 times. Gazpacho is their signature cold soup, but they are also known for Salmorejo and Ajoblanco. Salmorejo consists of bread and tomato as the base. Ajoblanco also contains bread… but with almonds as its other base. That sounds quite interesting, but I don’t know how I’d feel about a novice creating that dish for me! But hey, you don’t have to fool with a separate plate for bread with those soups!
  • Russia – they pop up twice. This is a country known for its frigid climate, so I’m not terribly surprised they’re one of the few countries enjoying the cold meal-drinks we’re so curious about. Their top cold soups are Okroshka and Borscht. Okroshka is made with fermented rye or black bread, typically.. as well as a few other raw veggies and a few cooked ones. Sounds like a way to keep your immune system in check as well as maybe catch a slight buzz! Borscht, on the other hand, is usually made with beets and is known for being served cold or hot, but many think it’s best cold.
  • Korea – they also snagged two spots on the list of countries. Mostly because their top cold soup is called Naengmyeon and features cold noodles and cold broth. That sounds like a super cold soup! Naengguk also categorizes all their cold soups, because they love them!

China is also mentioned for their fruit soups. I think I’d really like to try a fruit soup! I’ll probably wait until it’s a little closer to summer before deciding if I’d try any other cold soups or not!

As far as other countries and names of cold soups go, we have to love the Internet! There is so much information out there that we could search for a while and compile several hundred different recipes for the same type of soup! Thanks for taking the time to learn a little with us again!

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