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Cooking Pork Chops: Explained

Cooking Pork Chops: Explained


Cooking can seem pretty difficult, especially when it comes to pork chops, but it doesn’t have to anymore. If you’re looking for an explanation of exactly how to cook them in a variety of ways, look no further. Sometimes the most confusing part of preparing a meal comes down to the terminology, so I’ll explain a few words as we go along in the process of cooking pork chops.

First things first, I’ll assume you have already selected your cut of meat and have it readily available. The explanation I’ll be providing will be generalized for convenience. Anything besides necessary preparations are optional and yours should be made to personal taste. Now, we need to decide if we’re going to prepare the pork chops in a special way or not.

If you enjoy adding flavors, you may consider marinating your pork chops, anywhere from 15 minutes prior to cooking to overnight, before doing anything else. To marinate means choosing a sauce to pour over the meat in order to add flavor and extra juice. That sauce is usually called the marinade. This isn’t a necessity in order to cook pork chops in any way.

If you don’t want extra juicy chops, dry-rubs are a fair alternative to marinades. They provide the seasoning supremeness without requiring liquid.

If you want to make your pork chops super hearty, perhaps stuffing them is a feasible concept. There are many recipes for stuffed pork chops readily available. Now we’re ready to figure out how to cook the pork chops.

Cooking Pork Chops with Choices:

  • Grilling
    cooking pork chops grilled
    If you’re the outdoorsy type or thoroughly enjoy the taste of charred meat, consider grilling. If you aren’t so great at handling a flame, beware, because the meat cooks on top of the flame. You shouldn’t try cooking very thick pieces of meat very quickly, either.
  • Broiling
    cooking pork chops broiling pan
    Broiling is typically done in an oven and requires cooking under the main heat source. Be extra careful and keep a close eye on it, the same as you would with a grill or grilled cheese! 
  • Frying
    cooking pork chops fried
    You can fry pork chops within the comfort of your home with a pan and cooking oil. If you like your outsides crispy, you may want to warm your pan on high heat before reducing to medium heat. This is more likely to cause a searing effect. Searing is when a crust forms around the meat due to the high heat and caramelization. Favorable if you enjoy a crisp crunch with your chops!
  • Baking
    cooking pork chops baked
    Baking pork chops is a healthy way to eat them, just add water and a baking dish. They don’t have to be, but the results can be nice and juicy!

A Few More Tips:

No matter what recipe you choose to follow, it’s always wise to have a meat thermometer. That being said, pork is always safe to eat between 145-160° Fahrenheit. Most meats will show physical differences when they are ready to eat, but it’s always best to be safe.

As for pan preparation, the center of the pan tends to be the hottest. If you’re cooking thick pork chops on a pan, you may want to let them hog the middle! Also, unless you enjoy steamed pork chops, try to avoid letting the chop buddies touch.

That’s about all we have for you on cooking pork chops. Good luck and enjoy the process!




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