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How to Make Escarole Salad

How to Make Escarole Salad
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If you love leafy, green salads, give escarole salad a try! It’s perfect alongside some good meat to flatter guests or even by itself due to how beautiful its leaves are! Its taste is also highly favored because, well, we all realize regular ol’ lettuce lacks a bit of that. You can use both inner and outer leaves or just the inner ones. If you’ve never tried it before, try a little nibble of both to see what it’s like!

What Would I Need Other Than Leaves?

That’s the chef’s decision! Entirely up to you. Tangy or sweet dressings and salad buddies go best with escarole. One particular escarole salad that speaks to me on many levels includes the following:

  • escarole leaves
  • honey
  • mustard seeds
  • lemon juice
  • olive oil
  • salt (and a little more pepper)

Since it’s a lovely little salad and we adore simplicity with those, it’s not hard to imagine what comes next! The only things you should really have to prepare are the leaves and lemon. You’ll shred the escarole leaves by hand into whatever size pieces you’d like. Sometimes I like big leaves but a lot of times I like to really shred them up. You’ll cut a lemon in half (maybe half sliced for garnish) and squeeze its juice into a bowl with the honey, mustard seeds, and oil for tangy flavor.

Season it up with some salt and pepper and ba-boom! Escarole salad. I might be tempted to throw in a few cucumber slices for garnish and the addition of a personal favorite flavor. I’ll only use half of a cucumber, though… I might be tempted to overpower the rest of my salad otherwise! I may or may not have a cucumber problem! It’s another one of those foods I can find any excuse to eat. Since cucumbers go so well with many tangy dressings, I can imagine it complementing this semi-sweet escarole salad. Next time you’re in the store or at your local farmer’s market, swap your lettuce out for some escarole (just this once) and see how it treats ya! Enjoy!

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