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Fig Jam Recipe Made Easy

Fig Jam Recipe Made Easy
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Have you been searching around for the perfect fig jam recipe? Look no further! I’m about to let you in on a little secret… It doesn’t take much to make jam! I credit all of the wonderful recipes you have access to online, no questions asked. Everyone deserves a little glory, especially if they’ve figured out an even better way to do things everyone commonly does! In today’s age, it’s relatively easy (and entertaining) to see how many different ways you can do one simple thing.

That being said, there are many ways to abide by any given fig jam recipe. Or any jam recipe. But the most important thing to consider is what kind of texture and thickness you expect your jam or jelly to have. There are many places that have suggested using pectin, as it is natural and makes the cooking time a little shorter. Pectin also helps ensure your precious little fruits don’t just burst and lose all flavor the more you boil and stir. I was discouraged by the way the word rolls off my tongue, so I looked it up.


Pectin is already present in ripe fruit. If you’ve ever had fruit growing on your property, I’m sure you’ve noticed rotting fruit as well. I specifically remember noticing a weird, sticky substance on the outside of some of the pears that grew in our yard. It reminded me of sap, but it wasn’t from the tree, it was on the pear! Pectin is great for jams because of this, it’s a setting aid. It helps thicken your base. It also isn’t unnatural, so don’t be deterred by the name. Look into it next time you’re making jam!

What We Need to Create Fig Jam

When following a fig jam recipe, you may find there are many ingredients and steps you can take. This is where some recipes get confusing. What about the easy route? Is there one? Yes! If you don’t have a whole lot to work with other than the fruit and jars you have, don’t worry! Grab some water, sugar or honey, something acidic (like a little fresh lemon juice), pectin, and something to safely crush the fruit.

Those are the essentials for making most jams, and a fig jam recipe is no different. Anything else you use is up to you and should only make it better! I even came across a few recipes that didn’t call for something acidic or pectin. Just fruit, water, sugar and honey were required. As far as storage goes, I do not know if the lack or addition of anything alters the keep time. I don’t like to keep fruit or vegetable-related things for more than a week unless they’re frozen.

How to Make a Fig Jam Recipe

No matter what method you choose, you will need to crush and boil your figs. You will then add your other ingredients, such as honey and lemon. Just stir everything together until the liquid is as gooey or thin as you’d like and you’ll have the fig jam you’ve been craving so badly! I’ve never made jam before, but that sounds so wonderfully easy I may consider making my own this summer as well! Yum, jam and bagels! Enjoy!

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