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Gluten Free Candy and Its Accessibility

Gluten Free Candy and Its Accessibility

Gluten free candy might sound strange, but there are many kinds readily available to you! There are many candy companies offering such products. A quick and major example is the Hershey’s company. They offer a wide variety of gluten free candies. The company does suggest reading all of their labels before consuming them, especially when it comes to having food sensitivities. I would say doing this would benefit anyone before eating any manufactured product. Their list of “safe to eat” candy is available on their website. 

Another great place to get gluten free candy is NaturalCandyStore.com. I checked out their products and claims myself and I especially love their advanced search tools. I’m not sure as to how little or well-known they are, but it’s an option.

What is Gluten and Why is it Avoided?

Gluten affects many people (especially children) and is extremely common in many foods and drinks. It’s also in top rankings for most common food allergens here in the U.S. So what is it?

  • Gluten contains wheat, barley, rye, or triticale.

Triticale is a combination of rye and wheat, if there’s any confusion as to what that word means. All of these ingredients are harvested as grains and used to create things such as cereal, bread, etc. They’re really hard to get away from, which is why label-checking always pays off if you have food allergies.


People that follow a gluten-free diet typically have Celiac disease or other small intestine/digestive sensitivities and issues.

  • Gluten free products claim to have none of those ingredients in them.

Again, label-check to ensure. Many companies release special candies throughout various points of the year in their factories. Since specials don’t tend to run year-long, cross-contamination may occur. If you’re allergic to other foods or ingredients, reading the labels will help you become aware of whether or not any other allergens are in the same factory or building your favorite candy is made within.

You Can Make Gluten Free Candy At Home!


If you’re a little hesitant when it comes to trusting everything you read like I am, there are alternatives. Many people have successfully created homemade gluten free candies and desserts. This allows you to make the candy or dessert exactly as you desire, too, instead of settling for the standard packaged tastes. Good luck in your gluten free candy search!

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