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Easy Goat Cheese Mousse

Easy Goat Cheese Mousse
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Who else loves goat cheese as much as I do? I can now add goat cheese mousse to my list of loved foods, as well! Think, homemade “spray cheese.” The best part is that you won’t have to use a can to apply this wonderful cheese to crackers or your plate. I promise this goat cheese mousse will taste much better than any cheese in a spray can tastes! (Unless in the future they invent really delicious and healthy spray cheeses…)

How Would I Make Goat Cheese Mousse?

You’re going to scoff at me or roll your eyes when I tell you this, but it’s so easy it’s ridiculous. When you look past the confusing terminology it’s simple to make, yielding perfect taste.

  • Heavy cream or whipping cream. If you don’t have (or don’t want to use) either one of those, you can create your own by using almond milk and cornstarch. A cup of almond milk and one tablespoon or so of cornstarch should do the trick.
  • Unsweetened, unflavored almond milk
  • Fresh goat cheese (softened)
  • Chopped chives and green onions

If you can’t stand chives, you can use green onions instead and vice versa. I personally love the combination mixed with the goat cheese. Both really make the goat cheese mousse pop.

If you have extra time and patience, check out this awesome wine and goat cheese recipe!

  1. Whip up the cream or substitute in a bowl until cool peaks start forming. (Imagine the label image of your favorite whipped topping, the thin, “top” is a peak) You can use appliances to make this ridiculously easy, or you can do it by hand.
  2. In a totally separate bowl, start combining the cheese, almond milk, green onions, and chives.
  3. Place the cheese mixture into the bowl of peaked cream.
  4. Use a spatula to scoop the cream up from the bottom of the bowl on top of everything else. This is called “folding” and prevents everything from becoming a whole while mixing. (The way I learned how to “fold” cream is imagining myself scooping spaghetti sauce up from under and on top of the noodles over and over).
  5. Chill the goat cheese mousse out in the fridge before you bring it back out to impress your guests.

Be sure to stock up on (or make) delicious crackers and bread to serve with the mousse. Once you try it with a good cracker, you’ll be hooked on these appetizers forever!

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