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Hard Boiled Egg Sandwich

Hard Boiled Egg Sandwich
hard boiled egg sandwich spinach

Remember how often I mention how much I love spinach? It goes so well with a hard boiled egg sandwich, too! Spinach is so amazing! So are hard boiled eggs. They can be a meal by themselves, they can be added to salads, sandwiches, deviled, and lots more! Right now, I’m interested in talking about how to make a wonderful hard boiled egg sandwich, so let’s get to it!

What You Need

Technically, you just need bread and a hard boiled egg or two. Other than that, you have free will. You can eat a healthy hard boiled egg sandwich, or you can make an egg salad sandwich with your hard boiled eggs. I’m a huge fan of “salad” sandwiches, such as tuna, chicken, and egg salad. (I’ve even eaten potato salad on bread before, if that could be called a sandwich). Those kinds of “salads” are like the innards of a sandwich with the condiments already mixed in so you don’t have to spread them onto your bread! Perfect! But also unhealthy due to said condiments.

If you’re opting for something a bit healthier, give a plain hard boiled egg sandwich a try. Don’t know how to hard boil an egg perfectly? Place your egg(s) in a pot and cover them up with some cool water. This is much better and safer than trying to plop those puppies in the pan after you’ve added water. Trust me, that can get messy.

Don’t pile the eggs high, either. Cook one evenly layered batch at a time. Boil them, cover them, then pull them from their heat source. Let them cool for around 10-15 minutes before draining, peeling, and slicing them up. If you set them in ice or ice water after you drain them, the peeling process becomes a bit easier. You also won’t have as tough of a textural effect, because it isn’t as harsh of a technique as older egg-boiling ways. This technique should render a soft, enjoyable hard boiled egg for your sandwich.

If you want a healthy, yet a little more filling, option, add spinach or lettuce and tomato slices to your sandwich! This will help fill you up and also give your body even more beneficial nutrients (big thanks to spinach, there). Sprinkle a little kosher salt and pepper on there and you’ve got yourself a fine sandwich suitable for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Or even all three and as a snack in between! With different veggies and/or condiments, you can keep things fun as well as healthy. Who said healthy has to be boring?

I want a hard boiled egg sandwich (or biscuit) for breakfast and an egg salad sandwich for lunch, now! Enjoy!

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