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How Do I Get My Pork Chops Breaded and Baked?

How Do I Get My Pork Chops Breaded and Baked?
How Do I Get My Pork Chops Breaded and Baked?

Baking your pork chops is an alternative to frying them. Some people like the taste of fried pork chops, while others prefer them baked. Baked pork chops are generally considered to be the healthier food option. However, you should not think of them as less tasty than fried pork chops. A lot of people are under the impression that cooking meat in a healthy manner deteriorates the taste of the dish as opposed to preparing it with unhealthy and junk ingredients. By learning a bit more about how you can get your pork chops baked, you will know exactly why baked pork chops can be just as delicious, if not more, than fried pork chops.

Are Baked Pork Chops Bland?

Some people are so in love with fried pork chops, they make the assumption that getting your pork chops baked is a boring and monotonous cooking ordeal. Just so that you are absolutely clear on this, baked pork chops does not have to be a one dimensional dish. Sure, you can bake pork chops with minimal seasoning and serve it up. But, there is nothing about this cooking method that is holding you back from unleashing your culinary creativity. Getting this dish spot on is all about how you can incorporate different flavours into the meat without comprising the simple and delectable taste of baked pork chops. So, the next time someone tells you that baked pork chops are bland, let them know that they have been baking their pork chops the wrong way all this time.

Why You Would Want to Bake Pork Chops?

Besides the excitement of baking and the health benefits that are associated with baked pork chops, there are some other reasons why you would to bake the chops instead of frying them. For instance, you have to deal with a lot less mess when you are baking pork chops. Frying can get really messy and leave you a lot to do when you are cleaning the kitchen afterwards. When you are baking your pork chops, you do not have to worry as much about fat consumption and cholesterol intake. If you can get great flavours out of chicken and fish by baking them, why can’t you achieve the same with pork? The techniques differ quite a bit, but if you have experience baking with chicken and fish, then you are sure to nail baked pork chops on any given weekend.

List of Ingredients

Some people are made to believe that baking pork chops is an overly complicated process. This is definitely not the case. You do not even have to be a baking queen to the get the job done. In fact, all you need to get started is a simple list of ingredients, similar to the one you can see below:

● 6 pieces of pork chops (each with a thickness of half an inch)

● Half a cup of dried bread crumbs (you could use Panko, white bread, Italian seasoned, French bread or anything else that you prefer)

●Three quarters of a cup of cornflakes or corn Chex

●1 cup of fat free evaporated milk

● 1 egg that has been nicely separated

5 tsp of paprika

●1 tsp of oregano

●Half a tsp of garlic powder

●Half a tsp of black pepper

● Half a tsp of salt

● A quarter of a tsp of red pepper

● 1 tbsp of high quality parmesan cheese

● One third of a tsp of extra virgin olive oil

Cooking Directions

The first thing that you need to do is wash the pork chops. This is an elementary step that a lot of people who are baking pork for the first time forget. Once washed, you can proceed to trimming the excess fat from your pork chops. Pre-heat the oven to 375 degrees while you focus on the prep.

Take the white portion of the egg. Beat the egg white along with the evaporated milk for about a minute. With this done, you can place the pork chops in the mixture of milk and egg.

Take a bowl. Add the fine pieces of bread crumbs. Throw in the cornflakes and get them the crushed with the bread crumbs. Add all the dry ingredients into the bowl including the salt, paprika, oregano, black pepper, garlic powder, parmesan cheese and red pepper.

Use the olive oil to lightly grease a metal non stick baking dish. Once you are done preheating the oven, you can remove the pork chops from the milk mixture. Dip them into the crumb and spice mixture. Make sure that the seasoning is evenly spread out. Once the coating is complete, place the pork chops in the baking dish and pop the baking dish into the oven.

The initial baking time is usually around 20 minutes. Take out the pork chops, flip them over and bake the other side for another 20 minutes. Once the baking is done, serve the pork chops over a bed of rice or couscous.

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