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How Do You Cook Pork Loin?

How Do You Cook Pork Loin?
How Do You Cook Pork Loin?

There is no one way to cook pork. Cooking pork the same way over and over again would be doing injustice to this piece of highly versatile meat. There are so many flavours that can be infused into pork and so many different ingredients with which it can be cooked. It is safe to say that there is a myriad of ways in which you can cook pork, and the more you learn about them, the more delicious your meals are going to be. For instance, you can roast the pork, you can grill it, fry it, broil it, steam it etc. As far as the question of cooking pork loin is concerned, you need to first know what you are dealing with before you start experimenting with different cooking techniques. Pork loin is a cut of meat that is derived from a region that is just above the pig’s rib cage. The meat is positioned along both sides of the backbone and it stretches from the shoulders to the hind legs. IN other words, it is a pretty recognizable, popular and exquisite cut of meat. Generally speaking, pork loin is nothing other than a wholesale cut.

Meat Cuts

You need to have a decent idea about meat cuts before you go into the butcher’s shop looking for a pork loin. This means that you have to state the specific cut that you are interested to buy. You cannot simply walk into the butcher’s shop and say that you need a pork loin. When they ask you what kind of pork loin you are looking for, you should answer them back with terms such as pork roast, pork rib, pork steak and pork tenderloin. The cut of the meat that you end up selecting will determine the way in which you are going to cook your pork for dinner.

Leaner Pork: Problem or Blessing?

The pork that is available in butcher shops today is a lot leaner compared to what it used to be several years back. This means that people consume less fat when they dig into a pork dish nowadays. In fact, the pork that is sold in the butcher shops has plenty of health benefits to offer. Hence, there is no reason for you to feel guilty about indulging in a delicious pork dish every now and then. However, the leanness does create a certain problem, especially for people who want their pork to be perfectly cooked. The lack of fat in the meat means that there is a decreased amount of moisture in there. When there is not enough moisture in the meat, it can be very easy to overcook the meat. This is the primary concern when cooking with modern day lean pork. The last thing you want on your plate is a piece of chewy, cardboard-ish, tough pork that your fork and knife cannot penetrate. Be careful about not keeping it on the heat for too long. If you want to taste perfection, then cook your pork loin at a temperature of 155-160 degrees.

Dry Heat and Moist Heat

There are a number of different approaches that you can take when cooking pork loin. That being said, there are two general methods that you should know of. The first is called the dry heat and the other is called the moist heat. When you have naturally tender pork in your possession such as bacon, steak, chops, loin roasts and tenderloin, you would want to use dry heat to cook the meat. Moist heat on the other hand is more appropriate for cuts of meat like ribs and shoulder cubes that are known to be far less tender.

Following the Recipe

The recipe of the dish dictates the kind of steps that you need to take in order to get the pork loin cooked. It is extremely important to follow a recipe, especially when it comes to cooking meat. A lot can go wrong you are cooking pork loin. Timing is the key here. If you take the meat off the heat too early, then you are going to have to eat raw pork loin, which can be horrendously unappetizing. If you keep it on for too long, then you will have to chew on overcooked meat, which is quite frankly a waste of top quality produce.

Roasting Pork

It would be fair to say that the most common method for cooking pork is roasting it. Roasting is a dry heat method. Some of the pork cuts that you should consider roasting include ham roasts, loin roasts, tenderloins and ribs. The Boston butt cut can also be roasted. It takes quite a while to get the pork roasting. Hence, a lot of people get engaged with prep work or make other dishes while the pork is roasting. Roasting pork is considered to be an easy way to cook the meat as it requires the least amount of attention.

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