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How Long Should You Cook Pork Loin Chops?

How Long Should You Cook Pork Loin Chops?
How Long Should You Cook Pork Loin Chops?

Many people consider pork to be an economical or inexpensive ingredient. This is the reason why you can find numerous uses for pork in classic American cooking. From the bacon, to the pork belly, to the pork shoulder and the pork chops, people in the United States love to incorporate different ingredients and flavours into pork dishes to savour a truly enjoyable dining experience. You can always head outside and walk into a diner or a restaurant to have a taste of some of the incredible pork dishes that America has to offer. Or, you could avoid paying the hefty prices that the restaurants will charge you and cook your own delicious pork at home.

The Importance of Getting the Timing Spot On

There are plenty of techniques that you need to learn before you can start cooking pork. These techniques are not necessarily complicated, but you need to be careful about getting your timing spot on. For instance, the key to cooking pork loin chops or pork cutlets is taking the pan off the heat or the baking dish out of the oven at just the right time. The cooking time for different dishes of pork varies significantly depending on the cooking methods applied and the cut of pork that you are using. The following is a bit of information on how long you should cook some of the more popular cuts of pork.

1) Pork Loin Chops and Cutlets

In terms of popularity, pork chops and pork cutlets are right up there with bacon strips. When you are broiling pork chops or pork cutlets, you should cook them four inches from the heat for about seven minutes (provided that they are a quarter of an inch thick). The cooking time increases proportionately with the thickness of the meat.

This cooking time applies for pieces of pork chops and cutlets with or without the bone. If you are going to pan fry pork chops or cutlets in a skillet, you should keep them on the heat for about 5 minutes, given that they are about a quarter of an inch thick. With a three quarter of an inch cutlet, the cooking time goes up to 8 or 9 minutes.

Baking pork chops can take anywhere between 25 to 45 minutes. On the other hand, braising pork chops will take up at least an hour of your time if you are dealing with 1 inch thick pork chops.

2) Tenderloin

Tenderloin cuts of pork are usually roasted. The roasting temperature is somewhere between 410 to 430 degrees usually. 25 minutes of roasting is enough to cook half a pound of tenderloin. When you are broiling or grilling the meat, you need to keep cooking for at least 20 minutes (distance should be four inch from the source of the heat). Tenderloin medallions are a pretty desirable cut of pork. They usually have a thickness of approximately an inch. When you are pan frying them, the total cook time should not exceed 7 minutes.

3) Ribs

Pork ribs are cherished in nearly every single region of the United States. These are heavy cuts of meat, mainly because of the high bone density per area of meat. If you are preparing pork ribs country style in the oven, you would need around 90 minutes to get about two pounds of meat cooked. The cooking temperature has to be at 350 degrees. Since people usually want to enjoy their pork ribs medium, they are advised to keep the internal temperature at 160 degrees. If you want them well done, then you need to take that up by 10 degrees to 170.

For broiling and grilling pork ribs, you will require a similar amount of time to get the meat cooked all the way through. It is important to use an indirect source of heat. This is because prolonged exposure to direct heat can cause the meat to get burnt and charred. In case you decide to braise or stew ribs, you are going to have to spend at least 3 hours before serving tender meat on the plate.

4) Boston Butt and Other Cuts of Pork

The Boston Butt is a cut of meat that requires 45 minutes of roasting in a shallow pan at a temperature of 350 degrees to get cooked properly. You also have the option of braising the meat for a minimum of 3 ½ hours. If you are preparing ground pork patties, all you need is 8 to 10 minutes of proper broiling (four inches from the direct source of heat). One inch pork cubes can be stewed in a matter of 5 to 6 minutes till they become lusciously soft and tender. Boneless and bone-in loin roast takes up to 30 minutes to be roasted at 350 degrees in an oven.

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