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How to Make a Sweet Potato Soufflé Pie?

How to Make a Sweet Potato Soufflé Pie?
How to Make a Sweet Potato Soufflé Pie?

When you think of the term soufflé, you probably imagine a very extravagant, expensive and exquisite dessert served in a fine dining Michelin star French restaurant. Not all soufflés tend to fit that description. In fact, soufflé dishes can be quite down to earth, easy to make and low cost as you will find out through this recipe.

The American Soufflé

The Americanized soufflé is not going to cost you a ton of money to make. It is also not going to be very time consuming, which is great news for people who only cook during their leisure hours. What’s really exciting is that you only require a set of minimal kitchen skills to pull off this soufflé. There is certainly no need for you to possess the expertise of a top chef. To make a perfect American version of the soufflé, you need to add a lot of sweet potatoes in the dish. The end product will be a sweet potato or yam soufflé pie that is going to make your friends and family fall in love with your cooking.

List of Ingredients

There are quite a few ingredients that you need to get hold of to cook the delicious sweet potato soufflé pie. That being said, nearly all the ingredients in this list are inexpensive and readily available. In other words, you will be saving a lot of time and money on this dish. Here’s what you need:

● 2 medium sized sweet potatoes that have been well penetrated with a fork

● A quarter of a spoon of ground ginger

● 1 2 inch piece peeled ginger that has been freshly sliced

● Half a teaspoon of pure vanilla extract

● A quarter of a teaspoon of salt

● 4 large eggs that have been well separated

● 1 cup of whole milk

● 2 tbsp of light brown sugar

● A quarter of a cup of all purpose flour

● Half a teaspoon of ground cinnamon

● 9 sheets of 7 x 12 inches phyllo dishes.

● A quarter of a cup of unsalted butter, a half cup of melted butter and a few extra knobs for greasing the pan

● A quarter of a cup of granulated sugar (preferable to have an extra amount)

● Pinch of cream tartar

Cooking Directions

1) When it comes to baking, your first order of action is to pre-heat the oven. This allows you to save time by working on the prep as the oven gets ready for the dish. Once you have gathered all the ingredients and put them in their appropriate place, you can start baking the potatoes. Bake for an hour and 15 minutes at the least. With the baking done, you can remove the potatoes from the oven and let them cool outside.

2) When the potatoes are cool enough to be handled, start peeling them with careful hands. Avoid causing any damage to the baked flesh of the potatoes. The peeled potatoes should be pressed through a ricer into a large bowl. Let the potatoes cool down even further. Now, stir in the flavourful ingredients such as ground ginger, vanilla, egg yolks, salt, brown sugar and salt. Set this dish aside.

3) In the meantime, you can get working with the milk. Combine the milk with the thinly sliced fresh ginger. Put the mixture on medium heat. Take it off the heat before it is brought to boil. Allow heat to be released from the mixture for 30 minutes. Once cooled, pour the mixture through a fine mesh sieve and into a bowl.

4) Melt a quarter of a cup of butter in a saucepan at medium temperature. Whisk in the all purpose flour. After a minute of whisking, add in the milk mixture from the bowl. Bring the contents of the saucepan to a boil. Cook the mixture on low heat for a minute before stirring the potato mixture into the saucepan.

5) Use butter to grease a 9 inch springform pan and position it on top of a baking dish. Place a third of a cup of granulated sugar and all the cinnamon at hand in a small bowl. 1 phyllo sheet should be brushed with melted butter and then sparingly sprinkled with the cinnamon and sugar mixture. Fold the sheet and then brush it with butter again. Top it off with a little bit of the sugar and cinnamon mixture. Place the sheet into the prepared pan. Fold and season all the sheets in a similar manner and overlap the sheets to cover up the bottom of the dish.

6) Beat egg whites in an electric mixer at high speed. Add the cream of tartar till soft peaks appear on top of the mixture. Keep the machine running and add the remaining portion of granulated sugar. One third of the egg white mixture should be whisked into the potato mixture. The other portion of egg whites should be gently but thoroughly folded in.

7) Pour it over the phyllo. Sprinkle in some more sugar and cinnamon mixture. Get the oven temperature down to 375 degrees. Bake the pie until it rises and is set at the center. This should take you no longer than 50 minutes. Once you have removed the pie from the oven, let it rest for a minimum of 20 minutes. Your sweet potato soufflé pie is now ready.

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