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Want to Learn How to Make a Lavender Martini?

Want to Learn How to Make a Lavender Martini?
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lavender martini sounds incredibly fascinating, not to mention delicious. I’m more than excited to learn how to make them!

For those of you who are curious as to what lavender anything is (besides the pretty color), we’re going to discuss that as well!

What is Lavender and How Does it Taste?

Let me go ahead and say that yours can look amazing, especially if you have any bloomed lavender plants. If you do, go enjoy their fragrance, then come back and finish reading this post! You can easily access lavender dry or fresh in other ways. Since summertime is almost here, consider checking out food markets for some fresh plants for your lavender martini. Otherwise, check online or in some stores that might have it. It’s not always cheap, but it’s amazing! A little bit can go a long way, too.

It definitely tastes flowery. If that makes sense. I may or may not have been guilty of munching on a few of the flowers straight from the plant as a child. Don’t be surprised, if you know me, I ate a few bugs back then too. For the protein… ha! Anyway, it can have a very powerful taste. It can taste too “clean,” in a way. It goes great with blackberry, vanilla, and lemon, combined or separately. Syrup or fresh. Trust me, if you’re considering the combination, it’s worth it!

What Would I Need?

To make the lavender martini I’ve chosen, you’ll use gin and vodka. You would also hopefully have a shaker, to ensure it’s a proper martini. If not, find other ways to make due, or stir it all together and imagine it’s exactly the same!

As far as ingredients go, you’ll need some:

  • vanilla-flavored vodka (or just vodka with a splash of vanilla syrup or extract added) and gin.
  • lemon juice (fresh or bottled).
  • lavender (ground, dried, syrup, or fresh).
  • optional sugar, to coat the rim or make the lavender even sweeter when ground together.

By the way, if you want to know how to make your own lavender syrup, look no further! You’ll need water, sugar, and dried (or ground) lavender. You’ll heat the water and sugar together, stirring and heating until the sugar combines with the water. Then you’ll add your choice of lavender, simmer, stir, and simmer some more. When it’s done, you’ll cool it, drain (and strain if you used fresh lavender), and chill the syrup before using it.

How to Make a Lavender Martini

  1. Combine your ingredients: vodka, gin, lemon, vanilla, and lavender (syrup, if ya made any!).
  2. If you didn’t do it in the shaker, go ahead and transfer them now.
  3. Add some ice if you’d like, shake, pour, garnish, and serve that purple puppy!

If you have fresh lavender, use a sprig or two for decorative purposes to make it look all fancy for your guests. Enjoy a lavender martini plenty of times during the warm summer months to come with fresh selections! Save the ordering online for the other months, when it’s harder to come by. Enjoy, I know I will be enjoying one soon enough!

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