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Are All Oats Gluten Free?

Are All Oats Gluten Free?

Are all oats gluten free? The answer is a little tricky because it depends on a wide variety of things.

If you have the option, take the matter of food into your own hands completely to ensure your safety. This means researching, and possibly growing, most of your food. If you find yourself struggling to eat and remain comfortable afterwards, many benefits could come from making such an effort. But, not everyone has access to garden space or even enough counter space! That’s where the fun research begins!

Confusing Ourselves

It’s not always correct to say oats are gluten free because a lot of them are grown beside other grains containing gluten! If they’re cross-contaminated in any way, a person suffering from Celiac disease, gluten allergies, or sensitivities would likely get sick upon consumption. If cross-contamination is avoided underground, it is still highly likely to happen during the handling process.

This can be avoided by seeking out gluten-free companies dedicated to bringing grains to your table that are safe for consumption! With the developments in technology, you don’t even have to go shopping in a store for them! (I’d rather purchase oats in person, though, if my health was of concern). I’d say that’s a wise extra dollar spent!

Straight & to the Point: Are Oats Gluten Free?

When properly grown, handled, and distributed, yes!

Generally, the biggest enemy for sensitive digestive tracks when eating oats is the high content of fiber found within. Anything with high fiber tends to make bellies gurgle a bit, especially if you aren’t all cleared up!

There is, however, a small percentage of sufferers who can’t enjoy eating oats, no matter how well-handled they are. The reasoning for that isn’t quite clear yet, which is why I remind you of the importance of research! If you’re highly sensitive, you should probably avoid oats just to be completely safe.

The Best Oats to Eat

In terms of gluten sensitivities, dry rolled oats should be nice and gentle on your stomach. Rolled oats have simply been husked and pulverized.

This means you can enjoy gluten-free breakfast granolas!

Instant oats are typically okay, too, as long as you check the packaging carefully. As far as figuring out a way to grow your own oats, maybe that will be another article for another time!

Thank you, as always, for learning with me! I find food interactions to be much more fun with more knowledge!

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