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Is All Rice Gluten Free?

Is All Rice Gluten Free?

Are you familiar with the fact that gluten seems to be in certain grains? Do you catch yourself wondering “is rice gluten free?” because of this? There are many different varieties of rice as well as many ways to enjoy it alone or combined with something, so that’s a very fair question to ask! Especially if you suffer from Celiac disease or any other dietary and digestive sensitivities or restrictions. I’m all about learning, so let’s figure this out together.

Rice Grains We Are Most Familiar With

  • Long
  • Medium
  • Short

The majority of us (well, I may be speaking for myself) are probably well-acquainted with American white, brown, basmati, and Jasmine rice. When I walk down the aisle of the grocery store that has rice, those are the ones I always see first, anyway. Those are typically long-grain rice varieties many of us cook with. Medium and short-grain rice is also accessible, and the answer I’m about to give you concerning gluten includes those as well.

Does All Rice Have Gluten?

For the most part, NO! The majority of our beloved rices does not contain gluten!! This is wonderful news for anyone who was worried!

Most of the time, unless the rice is contaminated in the place of distribution or during cooking, rice is gluten free.

If you are like me and still a little hesitant to just take my word for it, you can research online for companies that are certified and credible. These companies pride themselves in reassuring us weary consumers by taking extra steps to avoid cross-contamination or to remove allergens completely.

Not quite feeling like reading too much into it or ordering online? Rice grown in Thailand is much less likely to come into contact with wheat/gluten products because wheat isn’t grown abundantly there.

Beware of Boxed/Flavored Rices

Those are, generally, the only fearsome creatures when it comes to rice. They do tend to have gluten by cross-contamination or additives. Read the labels to ensure your health and safety, always.

Do Not Fear “Glutinous” Rice

Glutinous rice is simply sticky, and probably a little sweet, rice. It’s named that because it holds things together and is especially popular when making rice balls. Still no gluten to worry about here!

Avoid Regular Sushi

If you enjoy sushi, please do beware that the Japanese-style rice that is used in preparation of sushi. It doesn’t cause problems for everyone, but it does seem that if you have a sensitivity to gluten grain-derived vinegar, you’d be better off asking them to make your sushi with plain rice instead. The more you know, the more you can control!

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