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Yummy Salads with Chicken

Yummy Salads with Chicken

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Have you ever sat and thought about all the different types of salads with chicken? I immediately thought of green, leafy salads. I was getting ready to write, then I thought of chicken salad sandwiches. Chicken salad that way isn’t made the same way the green plate-hogs are! You’re definitely not supposed to eat as much chicken salad as you’re allowed to eat regular salads with chicken. (If you’re concerned about your calories and such, and you already know that if you are).

Anyway, let’s get the chicken salad party started!

What Kinds of Salads with Chicken Are Out There?

For most salads, you will be using some type of green vegetable, preferably a leafy one, and other optional ingredients. Some of those options could include other veggies, meats, eggs, nuts, grains, or bread. If you want to be super healthy, you’d probably pass on dressing your salad, but most of us do enjoy a good dressing. I’m the kind of person that can enjoy both creamy and oily vinaigrette dressings. Many opt for one or the other.

One of the healthier (and pretty cheap) salads with chicken would include spinach, grilled or baked chicken, sliced or shredded carrots, half of a hard-boiled egg, and maybe some almonds on top. I would use an oily vinaigrette or lemon dressing for this one, but would easily enjoy it with ranch or blue cheese as well.

As for a delicious, yet not-quite-as-healthy alternative, we have chicken salad. We typically enjoy this creamy salad which tends to resemble tuna salad on a sandwich or over lettuce or greens.

Skinned rotisserie chicken is the chicken of choice and the creamy base varies. You can use mayonnaise, Greek yogurt, both, or your own creamy substitute. You could chop up something like sweet and sour pickles, onions, celery, or peppers and combine it with your shredded chicken and cream base. Some people do not serve greens with this salad at all (a lot of people enjoy this instead of a regular salad because many people don’t like vegetables), but I like to make toast, cover one slice with spinach (or one big leaf of lettuce), and spread the chicken salad evenly before “sealing the deal” with the second bread slice. Low-carb fans oftentimes skip the bread altogether or go for a much healthier alternative than standard white or wheat bread.

Here‘s a pretty good recipe for a chicken salad sandwich. For interesting green salads with chicken, click here.


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