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Sweet Potato Salad Made Super Easy

Sweet Potato Salad Made Super Easy

Sweet potato salad can be easy to make! There are a lot of possible ways to make a “salad” and this is especially true with sweet potatoes. They can be added into a regular, leafy salad after softening. They can also be made into their own type of wonderful salad as the main ingredient! Think of a good, ol’ creamy BBQ potato salad, or maybe even a potato salad with an oil base for a healthier alternative. I’ll go over a few of our options and the basic ways to prepare some of them below.

Sweet Potato Preparation

  • Let’s think about the different ways we can cook and soften our sweet potatoes and then what kind of salad to put them in. 
    • Boiling
      • If you’re considering trying sweet potatoes in a green salad, then perhaps boiling them for a bit would be perfect. It doesn’t take very much time, either, because you can peel and cut the potatoes up while the water heats. Boiling time will be around 15 minutes if the temperature is maintained at medium-high heat. Drain and toss on top of your leaves. Enjoy plain for ultimate health benefits.
    • Baking 
      • Baking is the second easiest way to prepare our sweet potatoes for salads. This method would also work with a leafy salad, but is especially ideal for a creamy or oily salad. You will need some type of baking sheet or dish and should coat them before use to prevent sticking. You will need to cut the potatoes up before placing them in the oven in order to ensure even cooking. You’ll want to lightly coat the potatoes in cooking oil and bake until they’re a tid bit crispy outside while nice and soft inside.

Creamy or Oily Sweet Potato Salad?


Since I’m southern, my first go-to when I think of potato salad is a creamy one. So it’s only natural that there is a way to serve delicious, creamy sweet potato salad. Most people wishing to take this route use a mayonnaise and/or yogurt base. I’d find it hard to resist extra vegetable or fruit additions. Sprinkle some spices in with your base (salt, pepper, and cumin, maybe? I might add red pepper or cinnamon and honey, too). Mix those up incredibly well (or whisk) then pour it over the sweet potatoes and stir again.

If you choose to take the oilier route, the process is pretty much the same. If you’re craving a mustardy potato salad, there are some really good mustard-vinaigrette sweet potato salad recipes readily available. I love vinaigrettes, so I’m excited to try these myself!

If you’re good with your measurements you can prepare any of this with only one sweet potato, so give them all a try sometime! It ensures that eating never has to be boring, after all.

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