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French Ice Cream: Explained

french ice cream lavender

French Ice Cream: Explained Are you wondering what the difference between French ice cream and American ice cream is? The quickest and simplest answer is egg yolks or the lack thereof. If you’re quite familiar with American (Philadelphia-style) ice cream, you know it isn’t very thick and attracts ice crystals like barbecues …

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Make Ahead Desserts for the Spring Season

make ahead desserts fancy

Make Ahead Desserts for the Spring Season I’m interested in learning some delicious make ahead desserts today. I figure, if I’m going to be making something in advance, I might as well use seasonal items to make it more impressive! I know a lot of spring babies, so some of these …

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Banana Tempura Made Easy

banana tempura dish

Banana Tempura Made Easy I’m sure most of you have heard of shrimp tempura, so have you heard of banana tempura? If you haven’t heard of tempura at all, it’s a wonderfully crispy, deep-fried treat. It’s a technique most commonly used on meats like chicken and shrimp. It is usually …

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Fluffy Cream Cheese Frosting

fluffy cream cheese frosting cupcake

Fluffy Cream Cheese Frosting Fluffy cream cheese frosting… yum! I could eat pinky-tip-dips of the stuff more often than I’d like to imagine! I haven’t been fond of eating baked goods most of my life though I do enjoy making them. Something about the pleasant aroma and warmness radiating at the …

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How Can I Make Delicious Banana Shortcakes?

How Can I Make Delicious Banana Shortcakes?

When people think of using fruit in dessert, the first names that pop up in their minds are strawberries, raspberries and blueberries. Rarely do they start conceptualizing a dessert where the banana is the main ingredient. It may not be the most popular fruit to be used in a dessert, …

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Yam Recipes: What Are Our Options?


Yam Recipes: What Are Our Options? Yam recipes are all over the place, but we tend to automatically think of our beloved casserole dish first and foremost. There are many other options for cooking yams! (I do use this term to describe our American yams and not the tropical ones). …

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Yams Recipe (Sweet and Simple)


Yams Recipe (Sweet and Simple) Yams here in the U.S. are actually just sweet potatoes, for the most part. Our climate is acceptable for growth of sweet potatoes in America and we have to import “real” yams. Anyway, we generally tend to think of the holidays and desserts when we hear …

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