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What is Tandoori Salmon?


What is Tandoori Salmon? There are tons of fun recipes for tandoori salmon hidden throughout various parts of the Internet! If you’re not careful, though, you’ll find yourself learning tandoori chicken recipes, too! They can, luckily, be seasoned exactly the same way. Many love adding citrus juice to their seared salmon, too. …

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Grilled Endive Made Easy

grilled endive dinner

Grilled Endive Made Easy Are you thinking about preparing a beloved, yet bitter, Mediterranean leaf? Grilled endive can be amazing and is so easy! Almost too easy… You may know it by another name, escarole. Or “curly endive.” The leaves, when cooked, make the name quite fitting. So what does grilled …

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What Are Some Good Grilled Desserts?

grilled desserts fruit

What Are Some Good Grilled Desserts? It’s almost time to bust out all the outdoor cooking equipment and surprise guests with grilled desserts! If your reaction was anything like mine, your eyebrows raised in interest and slight horror at the same time. Aren’t most desserts kind of messy? They’re known …

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