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Eggplant Zucchini Recipe

eggplant zucchini recipe ratatouille

Eggplant Zucchini Recipe There are a few of us that tend to focus too much on meat-laden recipes for that delightfully full feeling we get when we eat a meal. It’s can become a problem for those of us that tend to rely on those heavier forms of protein to …

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Lemon Cream Sauce for Fish


Lemon Cream Sauce for Fish I’ve recently had the luxury of eating fresh-caught fish more often than ever before in my life. I love it plain, but I’ve been looking for the perfect lemon cream sauce for fish. (You know, just in case!) I haven’t eaten lemon-flavored fish in a while, but …

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Potato and Broccoli Soup

potato and broccoli soup puree

Potato and Broccoli Soup Potato and broccoli soup is a wonderful creation. As most of you are aware, I’m sure, you could go to a number of restaurants, diners, or cafes and order a savory potato soup or a sweeter broccoli soup. Not too many places offer both ingredients in …

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Hard Boiled Egg Sandwich

hard boiled egg sandwich norwegian

Hard Boiled Egg Sandwich Remember how often I mention how much I love spinach? It goes so well with a hard boiled egg sandwich, too! Spinach is so amazing! So are hard boiled eggs. They can be a meal by themselves, they can be added to salads, sandwiches, deviled, and …

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Yummy Salads with Chicken

salads with chicken fried

Yummy Salads with Chicken Have you ever sat and thought about all the different types of salads with chicken? I immediately thought of green, leafy salads. I was getting ready to write, then I thought of chicken salad sandwiches. Chicken salad that way isn’t made the same way the green …

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How Do I Make Smoked Salmon Salad?


How Do I Make Smoked Salmon Salad? Are you interested in making a smoked salmon salad? They’re incredibly healthy and delicious! Especially with spinach as the salad base. It costs a little extra, but you can buy relatively fresh, ready-to-eat smoked salmon in stores. You may also choose to smoke salmon …

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Why Do Moms Love Baking Zucchini Bread?

Why Do Moms Love Baking Zucchini Bread?

When you bite into a freshly baked, delicious slice of zucchini bread, you are never going to guess that this baked item has been stuffed with vegetables. Even people who do not like veggies on their plate are not usually bothered by the presence of zucchini in the bread. This …

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Liver Pate and How to Make It

liver pate featured

Liver Pate and How to Make It It may look weird and gross, but liver pate (pâté) can be enjoyed by almost anyone. As long as you select the liver, veggies, and seasonings most appealing to you, anyway! Liver can be hard to enjoy otherwise. Typically, a pâté is a spread …

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