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Yam Recipes: What Are Our Options?


Yam Recipes: What Are Our Options? Yam recipes are all over the place, but we tend to automatically think of our beloved casserole dish first and foremost. There are many other options for cooking yams! (I do use this term to describe our American yams and not the tropical ones). …

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What is a White Sweet Potato?


What is a White Sweet Potato? Now, pretty much all of us are familiar with the age-old debate here in the U.S. about whether a sweet potato is the same as a yam or not. A white sweet potato, though? What? Is that a yam? Or is it actually a …

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Yams Recipe (Sweet and Simple)


Yams Recipe (Sweet and Simple) Yams here in the U.S. are actually just sweet potatoes, for the most part. Our climate is acceptable for growth of sweet potatoes in America and we have to import “real” yams. Anyway, we generally tend to think of the holidays and desserts when we hear …

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