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Top Chef Restaurants in the South

Top Chef Restaurants in the South
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Do you enjoy watching Top Chef? If so, you’re in luck! Today, we’re going to discuss some Top Chef restaurants that are (almost) in our backyard! There are several restaurants owned and/or operated by Top Chef winners and runner-ups scattered across the country. I live in the South, (Tennessee, y’all) and wanted to take the opportunity to discuss some Top Chef restaurants near me!

I will go ahead and say that this list may change, depending on ownership and economy. But as of early-2016, it’s perfectly up-to-date! If you want to travel a little further north, consider checking out Girl & the Goat in Chicago, Illinois. An anxiously-awaited restaurant will be opening in South Carolina by Kristen Kish, for anyone interested in keeping tabs on that situation! Tandy Wilson just received the title of “Best Chef in the Southeast.” While he hasn’t been on the show, he’s a “local” and for all we know, he may compete in the future. I’ll be keeping tabs!

The rest of the Top Chef restaurants I found near Tennessee all happen to be located in Georgia, so let the fun begin! (It’s only a few hours from us, friends and fam, so let’s check some of these out in person!)

 Top Chef Restaurants in Georgia

The following list is not in any particular order, other than alphabetical by name. I haven’t had the chance to eat at any of them and can’t rate them myself, yet!

  • Brezza Cucina is located in Atlanta and offers Italian cuisine. For fans of Jonathan Waxman.
  • El Super Pan Latino Sandwiches & Bar is in Atlanta and the name tells all! Fans of Hector Santiago should be sure to check this restaurant out.
  • The Florence is in Savannah, offering fresh Italian food. Not just any kind of freshness, either. It’s known for using proper, seasonal ingredients! Top Chef celebrity Hugh Acheson has brought this delight into the South.
  • Gunshow is in Atlanta and is ran by the highly-praised Kevin Gillespie. If you’re a fan of dim sum and like the idea of giving that style of dining a good ol’ Southern twist, check this place out. I know I’ll be sure to! The chef that prepares the dish that you choose is usually the one serving it to you, so you can learn how to properly eat and enjoy it! Neat.
  • The Luminary is located in Atlanta, offering French-American dishes. The show at The Luminary is run by Eli Kirshtein.
  • The Optimist is an Atlanta-based seafood joint with Wesley True as its captain! It isn’t a boat, so he’s really just the executive chef, but still. As a fan of seafood, I really want to try the food here!
  • Revival calls Decatur home. For new twists on Southern dishes, give another one of Kevin Gillespie’s restaurants a try.
  • The Spence has a really cool kitchen and is worth the visit just for that. It was once owned by Richard Blais, then Wesley True, but neither remains there now. I kind of cheated by keeping it on the list, but if it’s still around, it must have good food, right? Check it out in Atlanta.

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