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What’s the Recipe for Pineapple and Coconut Banana Bread?

What’s the Recipe for Pineapple and Coconut Banana Bread?
What’s the Recipe for Pineapple and Coconut Banana Bread?

Banana is a highly versatile fruit that offers a lot of flexibility to the home cook who is trying to come up with new and exciting dishes. If you have enough ripe bananas at home, you don’t have to eat all of them straight off the peel. You could make great use of this fruit in cooking savoury items or sweet treats. One of the most popular foods made from banana is the classic banana bread. What sets banana bread apart from other types of baked items is the fact that it can be made with a plethora of ingredients. This means that banana breads could be simple or complicated, depending upon the preference of the home cook. If you have baked the simpler versions of the banana bread before and are looking for a bit of a challenge, then you can try your hand at making a sumptuous loaf of pineapple and coconut banana bread.

Is this Banana Bread Too Complex?

This dish sounds a little too complex and involved, but in reality, it is not that hard to make. If you get your techniques right, you are going to have no problem baking this absolutely delicious bread. Home cooks love this recipe because it allows them to throw anything they want into the mix. It is one of those dishes where the use of multiple main ingredients really lifts the flavour and provides a sublime texture. If done right, this bread is going taste sweet, chewy and creamy. The addition of the pineapple chunks, coconut and oatmeal really makes a huge difference to the traditional banana bread recipe that we have grown used to.

Tastes Great On Its Own

You know that you have baked fine bread when it tastes very good on its own. With the pineapple, coconut and oatmeal in there, you will not need to serve this bread with anything else in order to truly enjoy it. However, it is worth mentioning that this banana bread goes really well with Greek yogurt. The sourness of the yogurt cuts straight through the breads sweetness and produces a unique combination of flavours that you have probably never enjoyed. You could also add in a few strawberries with the yogurt if you are looking for some extra sweetness.

When Should You Eat This Bread?

There is no specific time of the day to indulge in banana bread. You could have it in the morning for breakfast, you could chew on it after you have had a light lunch and you could even enjoy it as a healthy dessert after your dinner feast. Once you are done cutting a slice of bread out of the loaf, make sure that you put it back into the refrigerator. This will increase the bread’s shelf life significantly. You can heat up the bread after taking it out of the refrigerator, but a chilled slice of pineapple and coconut banana bread does not taste all that bad either.

List of Ingredients for Pineapple and Coconut Banana Bread

● Half a cup of flour

● Two thirds of a cup of sugar

● Half a tsp of baking powder

● A quarter of a tsp of baking soda

● A quarter of a tsp of salt

● 3 quarters of a cup of oats

● A third of cup of buttermilk

● A quarter of a cup of vegetable oil

● 1 tsp of vanilla extract

● 2 eggs (thoroughly beaten)

● A quarter of a cup of walnuts

●A quarter of a cup of drained pineapple chunks

●A quarter of a cup of coconut

3 mashed bananas

Baking Directions

1) The first step to baking the pineapple and coconut bread is preheating the oven to 350 degrees.

2) While the oven heats up, combine all the dry ingredients in a large bowl.

3) In a smaller bowl, blend the mashed bananas, buttermilk, oil, vanilla and eggs.

4) Mix the wet ingredients with the dry ingredients. Stir the mixture till it softens and moistens up.

5) Now it is time to stir in the pineapple, the nuts and the coconut. Keep stirring till all the ingredients have been perfectly blended in.

6) With constant stirring, the mixture should turn into a smooth batter. Spoon this batter into a bread pan. Sprinkle some of the coconut on top of the bread for garnish. Put the bread pan inside the oven.

7) The baking should continue for 55 minutes at fixed temperature of 350 degrees. Insert a toothpick in the centre of the bread. If it comes out clean, then your bread is fully baked.

8) The next step involves cooling. Place the bread on a wire rack and leave it to cool for a minimum of 15 minutes.

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