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Why Do Moms Love Baking Zucchini Bread?

Why Do Moms Love Baking Zucchini Bread?
Why Do Moms Love Baking Zucchini Bread?

When you bite into a freshly baked, delicious slice of zucchini bread, you are never going to guess that this baked item has been stuffed with vegetables. Even people who do not like veggies on their plate are not usually bothered by the presence of zucchini in the bread. This unique feature of the zucchini bread has captured the attention of moms who are always desperately trying to get their children to eat more vegetables.

The Struggle to Get Children to Eat Vegetables

It is a universally accepted fact that children and vegetables do not go along. Some children are so annoyed and disgusted by the green veggies on their plate that they end up shedding tears of frustration and disappointment when they are asked to put a tiny piece of broccoli in their mouth. This creates a massive problem for moms who are well aware of the fact that the absence of vegetables in their children’s diet can lead to serious nutritional deficiencies. There is nothing more agonizing than seeing your own child fall ill under your care. You feel responsible for all the troubles they have to endure and the guilt simply eats you up from the inside.

Solving the Veggie Problem

There is no easy solution to the veggie problem. Some children reluctantly swallow certain vegetables, but there are those who are adamant about never taking a bite out of a vegetable. Forcing your child to eat vegetables is not really an option. A smarter solution is what is needed to solve this problem. A lot of moms believe that zucchini bread could be the smart solution that they have been looking for all along.

What Makes Zucchini Bread So Good?

The name zucchini bread may not really sound that appealing to you. However, you will be genuinely surprised to find out how good this vegetable based bread tastes. If it was not that tasty, it would have never amassed as much popularity as it has today. What’s even more interesting is that zucchini bread is a delicious treat that has plenty of nutritional benefits to offer to your child. To begin with, it has very low calorie content, contains no saturated fats whatsoever and is free from cholesterol. These are all great characteristics. But how can zucchini bread enhance your child’s mental and physical development? Zucchini bread is a fantastic source of dietary fibre, which is one of the 4 essential nutrients required by the body along with fats, carbohydrates and proteins. It is enriched with vital minerals such as manganese and potassium. In terms of vitamins, it has plenty of Vitamin C on offer (which makes it a very good anti-oxidant) and also contains a considerable amount of Vitamin B. There is no doubt about the fact that zucchini bread is a vitamin and nutrient filled food source.

Variety of Zucchini Bread Recipes

One of the best things about zucchini bread is that there are countless recipes on the internet that you can try out. This is great news for moms as they can now enjoy some really flexible cooking options. Children get bored with food very easily. It is extremely hard for moms to keep coming up with new, exciting food to keep their children’s taste buds interested. It is also not possible for moms to always keep changing the ingredients they bring home from the supermarket on a weekly basis. Most moms like to cook with a specific set of ingredients. By trying out different zucchini bread recipes derived from cookbooks or the internet, moms can make different types of delicious bread by cooking with more or less the same ingredients. This will save them valuable time and lower their monthly food expenses. Most importantly, it will give them an opportunity to ensure that their children are receiving proper nutrition without having to hear complaints about annoying green veggies.

The Importance of Using Fresh Zucchini

Just because you are using the vegetable in a baked item does not mean that it is okay for you to use produce that has been on the shelf for too long. The best zucchini breads are the ones that are made using freshly harvested zucchini. Getting fresh produce from the market should not be too difficult for you. If the supermarkets do not have fresh zucchini in stock, you could always shop from the farmer’s market. The other option is to utilize your garden space (if you have one in your estate) by growing your own zucchinis. In fact, a lot of moms love to get their children involved in gardening and growing vegetables. This gets the children a lot more excited about eating vegetables. Once you have grown your own zucchinis, be sure to make the best use of them. You can even use the peeling of the zucchini in your recipe as it is filled with dietary fibre.

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