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Are Yam Noodles the Same As Shirataki Noodles?

Are Yam Noodles the Same As Shirataki Noodles?
Are Yam Noodles the Same As Shirataki Noodles?

Yams are well known for their versatility. You won’t find too many edible roots that can be used in as many dishes as yams are. This particular root vegetable has a very mild flavour. This allows the yam to easily blend in with other ingredients. Whenever you cook a particular meat with yams or serve with a side of candied yams, you would feel as though the meat and the yam are a match made in heaven. Slicing up yams, mashing them and cooking them are not the only things that you can do with this remarkable root vegetable. They can be processed into yam noodles as well.

The Origins of the Yam Noodles

The concept of yam noodles has Asian origins. As many of you are aware, people in certain parts of Asia are big fans of noodle. They are always looking for new ingredients that they can use to create more delicious and cheaper noodle for the masses. The yam noodles are made using a particular “variety of yam” called the “Elephant Yam”. In certain places, the Elephant Yam is referred to as the Devil’s Tongue. The proper name for this “species of yam” is the Konjac plant. You would be genuinely surprised to know that the Konjac plant is not actually a real yam or tuber (hence the quote and unquote). The root of this plant is used to create jellies and flour. The flour derived from the roots can be further processed to create noodles.

People in Easter Asia have been using yam noodles for ages as a main staple. It is an extremely popular dish across a myriad of Asian cuisines and cultures. In the United States of America, the yam noodle is more commonly referred to as the Shirataki noodle. This noodle is widely available in Asian convenience stores and mass market stores.

Replacing “Yam” with Pasta

The yam noodles has been enjoying unprecedented popularity as of late. This is because people within the weight loss and strict diet communities find yam noodles to be quite beneficial for their bodies. The so called yam in the noodle can be replaced by several different kinds of pastas. Some of these pastas can be made gluten-free, which makes the product even more appealing in the eyes of the health conscious individual. The noodle does not have a flavour on its own. This allows it to adopt the flavour of the other ingredients that are used to prepare the final product. It also prevents it from altering the taste of your favourite dishes. The texture of the yam noodle is slightly tougher than your average al-dente pasta. However, that does not stop it from absorbing the seasonings and sauces quite well. It is not the kind of noodle that will burst out with strong and robust flavours, but it certainly has a deeper taste on offer.

Quick and Easy Preparation

The premium quality fibre (soluble) of the yam noodle is what makes this product such a big draw in the market. For people who are aiming to achieve significant weight loss or are looking to reduce the amount of cholesterol in their bodies along with fat and blood sugar, then this versatile noodle can offer them a plethora of food options. The preparation process is very easy and it requires minimal time to be cooked. Hence, it is the idea product for people who are always on the run and have little to no time for home cooking. Most yam noodle products come pre-packaged in water. All you have to do is rinse the noodles and boil the contents of the packaging for a couple of minutes at best. Once boiled, drain the water away and then rinse again. You can now add the yam noodles to any dish of your choice. Be careful to not overcook the noodles. Excessive exposure to heat can make the noodles stiff and rubbery. The idea is to allow the warm noodles to absorb the delicate flavours of your dish.

Comfort Food for the Hot and Cold Days

There are tons of popular dishes that you can make with yam noodles, which are great for both warm and cold weather. During the hotter days of summer, chilled yam noodles could be served with cold vegetables and fish sauces for a refreshing lunch. For the chillier days of autumn or winter, you could conjure up a hot, sweet and sour noodle sweep that is going to keep you warm during dinner time. Some people would like to consider yam noodles as a form of comfort food. In certain ways, it is a comfort food. However, it is definitely not a guilty pleasure item that is going to make you regret your calorie intake. As previously mentioned, yam noodles are a great option for people who are looking to lose their weight by switching over to healthier foods.

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