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Best Bacon Weave Recipe

Best Bacon Weave Recipe
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The perfect bacon weave recipe doesn’t have to take hours of your time. Sometimes simplicity is your best friend. In the case of the bacon weave, that is very true. Bacon already tastes great by itself because of what it is. With that being said, it makes almost anything taste 10 times better than it already would have. But, unfortunately, too much of a good thing can be a little bit… much.

You could argue with me that my recipe is not a recipe at all, but when I call it the best bacon weave recipe, I mean it’s so simple and delicious. You could prepare a bacon weave long enough to cover a casserole and bake in some extra flavor on your favorite casserole.

I’m Interested, Keep Going…

If you’re willing to learn a healthier bacon weave recipe instead of how to prepare it with a casserole, you’re in luck. By now, you might be thinking I’m about to tell you to enjoy a bacon weave BLT. I thought about it, but my recipe doesn’t call for tomatoes! (I don’t eat tomato slices very often). It is, however, a twist on the standard BLT.

In my later years, I like making slightly healthier substitutions. Since lettuce offers little to no nutrition, I prefer spinach for my green leaf of choice. Instead of tomato, consider preparing or using a feta cheese spread. This will add moisture (as the tomato would) and delicious tanginess.

So, Where Do I Begin?

I tried to explain it in text for a while for you all, but I struggled to find the perfect words. If you’re unfamiliar with making a bacon weave at all, check this video out. It explains exactly how to make a bacon weave without any mumbo jumbo!

All you need is:

  • Sandwich bread
  • Feta dressing
  • Sharp cheddar or pepper jack cheese
  • Spinach
  • Bacon weave

Go ahead and prepare your bacon weave before you decide you’re hungry enough for your sandwich. (Otherwise, the smell of cooking bacon might torture you!) Before I pop my bacon weave in the oven, I like to season it with crushed red pepper, salt, and pepper.

  1. Toast your bread and spread the feta dressing on the inside of one or both slices.
  2. Place cheese slice on one or both slices of warm bread. (Wait till the end if you don’t want your cheese to melt at all).
  3. Place spinach on top of the cheese slice or a bread slice.
  4. Place the bacon weave on top of the spinach, join the slices of bread, and enjoy!

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