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How Do I Make Baked Sweet Potatoes?

How Do I Bake Sweet Potatoes?

You don’t have to be confused by all of the possible ways to prepare baked sweet potatoes anymore. We’ll make it super easy for you without a lot of mumbo jumbo.

Main Things Needed for Baked Sweet Potatoes:

  • An oven. This could mean a toaster oven, microwave oven, or conventional. There are definitely plenty of other types of ovens to choose from as well, but those are nice and accessible.
  • Sweet potatoes. Our golden egg, in this case!
  • A poking or cutting utensil. Depending on how well-ventilated you want your sweet potato to be, carefully choose your weapon. Most people seem to find forks easy and efficient enough to use, as well as super-accessible.
  • (you may want to consider) A drip pan.
  • Something to remove the hot potatoes with. (I couldn’t resist)

There are so many wonderful ways to prepare a baked sweet potato. They can even be made into delicious fries. Just a side tip, but fries are most delicious when made in a conventional oven.


We’re only concerned with taking a regular sweet potato and baking it, though, so let’s get to it.


  1. Prepare your ‘toes however you’d please, but the most common thing to do at first is rinse them. 
  2. Poke or cut them to your heart’s content. Now’s a good chance to safely release a little everyday tension! The point of this is to let the heat pass through more parts of the potato so it doesn’t remain hard in the middle.
  3. If your oven is nice and warm, you can place your sweet potatoes in there. You don’t even have to wrap them or set them on anything other than the ordinary oven rack if you don’t wish to.
  4. Choose your cooking time and preferred tenderness and carefully remove the potato at that point. Most people like theirs moist and tender and lower the oven’s temperature (sometimes even turn it off) before it’s finished.

That’s seriously all you have to worry about when it comes to baking those delicious sweet potatoes! Enjoy them completely plain (as they do have natural flavor) or add anything you desire.

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