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Easy Chicken Fajitas Recipe

easy chicken fajitas recipe skillet

Easy Chicken Fajitas Recipe With my easy chicken fajitas recipe, you’ll never have to let your fajita-cravings go unsatisfied again! You also won’t have to spend around $10 for only 2 or 3 fajitas anymore! I “created” my recipe very easily. I thought of the ingredients I like that are …

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Easy Fried Chicken Tacos

fried chicken tacos plate

Easy Fried Chicken Tacos Fried chicken tacos can be a lot easier to make than you might think. You don’t always have to go out to enjoy perfectly crispy, crunchy chicken tacos. I’ve recently become a little obsessed with making tacos with corn tortillas instead of flour ones. I find …

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Yummy Salads with Chicken

salads with chicken fried

Yummy Salads with Chicken Have you ever sat and thought about all the different types of salads with chicken? I immediately thought of green, leafy salads. I was getting ready to write, then I thought of chicken salad sandwiches. Chicken salad that way isn’t made the same way the green …

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Chicken Schnitzel Recipe

chicken schnitzel recipe australian

Chicken Schnitzel Recipe Under Austrian dining influence, we’re going to make a chicken schnitzel recipe today! Chicken schnitzel is just an adaptation of the original schnitzel, which is generally made with veal or pork! Does the name still sound unappealing? It’s just tenderized, thin, breadcrumb-jacketed, fried chicken! Some might even …

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How Are Chicken and Eggs Served?

chicken and eggs oyakodon

How Are Chicken and Eggs Served? Let me start off by saying I’ve heard of many different ways to prepare chicken and eggs! Many, many different dishes exist around those two things. Here in the South, we’re obviously fairly familiar with fried chicken and the occasional scrambled egg. (Mostly if you …

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Lemongrass Chicken Recipe

lemongrass chicken recipe soup

Lemongrass Chicken Recipe There are so many ways to make a lemongrass chicken recipe! If you like citrusy chicken and haven’t had the chance to try a lemongrass chicken recipe, do so now! The dish is most popular in Vietnam but it’s delicious anywhere in the world! But before you …

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What is Chicken Chasseur?

white chicken chasseur featured

What is Chicken Chasseur? Chicken chasseur is a great recipe for fans of French cuisine. It traditionally contains dark meat, mushrooms, wine, herbs, and spices. The recipe I’ll be explaining is tweaked to my liking, though, so no dark meat! Chicken breast instead. We’ll also be adding some crushed tomatoes, …

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How to Make Chicken Pho


How to Make Chicken Pho Do you like chicken noodle soup? If so, imagine that, but more soulful, more delicious, spicier! The dish? Chicken pho! It’s the Vietnamese version of chicken noodle soup. Or maybe chicken noodle soup is our version of pho. Probably that one. Anyway, do you eat …

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Chicken Risotto and How to Make It

chicken risotto featured

Chicken Risotto and How to Make It If you like rice, broth, and chicken, you’re sure to love chicken risotto! If you want it to be that simple and mostly healthy, all you really need are those three ingredients! I like more flavor with my rice and chicken combinations, though, so I …

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How to Make Chicken Liver Pate (Pâté)

chicken liver pate featured

How to Make Chicken Liver Pate (Pâté) If you haven’t noticed the title yet, this is a chicken liver pâté recipe. If you dislike liver, I will advise you to turn back and check out other delicious recipes here before continuing any further! Unless you’re willing to give it a try …

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