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What’s the Best Chili Meat?

chili meat bowl

What’s the Best Chili Meat? We all know what the most popular chili meat in the world is… right? Beef! Fatty, delicious beef is the chili superhero. If it isn’t beef, it’s usually chicken. For people who enjoy chili without meat, the beans are usually considered the “chili meat.”  Before …

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Lemon Cream Sauce for Fish


Lemon Cream Sauce for Fish I’ve recently had the luxury of eating fresh-caught fish more often than ever before in my life. I love it plain, but I’ve been looking for the perfect lemon cream sauce for fish. (You know, just in case!) I haven’t eaten lemon-flavored fish in a while, but …

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Easy Goat Cheese Mousse

goat cheese mousse spread

Easy Goat Cheese Mousse Who else loves goat cheese as much as I do? I can now add goat cheese mousse to my list of loved foods, as well! Think, homemade “spray cheese.” The best part is that you won’t have to use a can to apply this wonderful cheese …

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How to Make Feta Dressing

feta dressing greek

How to Make Feta Dressing Feta dressing is quick and easy to make. It also goes perfectly with some fresh carrots or broccoli in place of a buttermilk dressing! One of my favorite things about this recipe is its cool and subtle tanginess. I could eat it on so many …

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Quick & Easy Tapas Recipe

tapas recipe restaurant

Quick & Easy Tapas Recipe Surely I’m not the only one that’s never prepared a tapas recipe… No matter, we’re going to be changing that today! By now, I’m sure you all know how simple I like to keep things, especially when I’m new to it. This tapas recipe isn’t …

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Top Chef Restaurants in the South

top chef restaurants gunshow

Top Chef Restaurants in the South Do you enjoy watching Top Chef? If so, you’re in luck! Today, we’re going to discuss some Top Chef restaurants that are (almost) in our backyard! There are several restaurants owned and/or operated by Top Chef winners and runner-ups scattered across the country. I live in the South, (Tennessee, …

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Sparkling Wine Cocktails

sparkling wine cocktails poured

Sparkling Wine Cocktails Have you been yearning to try some sparkling wine cocktails, but have no idea what to order? Or, perhaps, do you want to make your own and have no idea where to start? Let’s learn a few things about sparkling wine before we stain our toes or …

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Want to Learn How to Make a Lavender Martini?

lavender martini barrel

Want to Learn How to Make a Lavender Martini? A lavender martini sounds incredibly fascinating, not to mention delicious. I’m more than excited to learn how to make them! For those of you who are curious as to what lavender anything is (besides the pretty color), we’re going to discuss that as well! …

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Make Ahead Party Food Ideas

make ahead party food plate

Make Ahead Party Food Ideas Let’s discuss some of our make ahead party food options. Maybe you’re just attending it, as I (briefly) would be. Either way, you’ve been asked to or need to bring something! Depending on what kind of get-together it is, you could get away with a …

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