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Easy Chicken Fajitas Recipe

Easy Chicken Fajitas Recipe
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With my easy chicken fajitas recipe, you’ll never have to let your fajita-cravings go unsatisfied again! You also won’t have to spend around $10 for only 2 or 3 fajitas anymore! I “created” my recipe very easily. I thought of the ingredients I like that are commonly found in fajitas I’d seen served at local Mexican restaurants. I considered things I did and didn’t like in them. I liked more ingredients than I disliked, but couldn’t enjoy the majority of the fajitas I’ve ordered. I finally figured out what my problem was. I didn’t like how the meat was being cooked and/or served at these places. I found that I prefer chicken to beef fajitas. I also discovered I can enjoy chunky chicken fajitas made at home, whereas I could only tolerate shredded chicken in the restaurants. Meat textures and temperatures can really freak me out, so I’m unintentionally (extremely) picky when it comes to eating any meat I don’t prepare.

Ingredients Needed for My Easy Chicken Fajitas Recipe

Let’s start with the basics. What do we know and expect standard fajitas to contain?

  • Seasoned and grilled meat – usually chicken, beef, or shrimp. (Has anyone tried a fish fajita yet? I wonder if that would even taste good…)
  • Sliced and sauteed bell peppers – usually a combination of green, orange/yellow, and red. Some people prefer only one kind.
  • Sauteed onion slices.
  • A tortilla shell – flour or corn. I personally like to use flour tortillas with my easy chicken fajitas recipe because I like to save fried corn tortillas for enchiladas, taquitos, and tacos for a nice, crispy shell.

I also like to add mushrooms to my fajitas, because I love them, especially if they’re sauteed. Since we have to sautee the peppers and onions anyway, why not, if you like mushrooms? Other than seasonings and cheese (and occasionally a little salsa verde), I don’t add anything else to my fajitas.

Preparing My Easy Chicken Fajitas

Depending on how quickly you want to cook, you can leave your chicken pieces whole or chunk ’em up. I like to cut chicken for fajitas before cooking it, usually. If you decide to keep it whole until the chicken is done, simply cut them to your desired length and width before combining with the peppers.

As far as peppers and onions go, do what you feel like. If you have the energy, slicing fresh bell peppers and onions is probably your best option. In a pinch, I don’t mind grabbing a frozen bag of peppers and onions, so long as it is additive-and-preservative-free! (The ingredients on the back of the bag should not list anything you can’t identify as an onion or pepper).

  1. Season the chicken. I like to use garlic salt and adobo seasoning.
  2. Grill the chicken. I like to heat a tiny bit of oil in a skillet over medium-high heat. Once it’s warm, I add my chicken strips. If you want to throw your chicken on an actual grill, more power to you! (More flavor for you, too).
  3. While my chicken is cooking, I like to sautee the peppers and onions in a separate skillet. This works especially well if you’ve taken the frozen peppers and onions route. I season my veggies separately with some Southwest chipotle seasoning, salt, and pepper. With fresh peppers and onions, you could toss them into the chicken skillet once the chicken is done. This will allow the peppers to absorb the flavor in any juice left behind from the chicken!
  4. If separate, combine all ingredients when chicken is no longer pink and pepper-and-onion mixture is tender.
  5. Pull out a plate and a shell. Sprinkle cheese inside the shell and place your fajita mixture into the shell, wrap up, and enjoy!

I love dipping my fajitas in salsa verde or adding a little bit of the salsa to the meat and veggies right before I remove them from their heat source. The tanginess of the green salsa is perfect with the spicy, semi-sweet peppers and seasoning!

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