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Homemade Blueberry Syrup

Homemade Blueberry Syrup
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Want to learn how to make your favorite pancake dressing today? We’re going to learn how to make homemade blueberry syrup! I’m really excited because I love fruit. I’ve definitely been guilty of buying it in abundance and some accidentally going to waste due to me not knowing what to do with it all!

We’re going to solve that issue today, whether you like the idea of homemade blueberry syrup on pancakes, waffles, French toast, or on an ice cream sundae! You don’t have to let all the blueberries you pick or buy go to waste if you can’t eat them (whole) in time anymore. It’s pretty easy to make fresh fruit syrup, believe it or not. I thought it would require a lot of fancy equipment and time, but it truly doesn’t.

Homemade Blueberry Syrup Ingredients

All you really need, minus your cooking utensils, is some blueberries, sugar, and lemon juice for a really good syrup that’ll store for a while. Maybe add a little water to help it stretch out or not be so thick.

To sweeten the deal for making homemade blueberry syrup, you don’t even have to use all fresh ingredients. You can use frozen blueberries and bottled lemon juice. The results won’t be the best they could be with super-fresh stuff, but it’ll work just the same! If you’re trying to cut back on your sugar intake, you could consider adding frozen blueberry (or other fruit) juice to the blueberry concoction instead of sugar.

If you’re hesitant, you can research many different ways to create your own syrup at home. Some of which require equipment, some that don’t. If I’m not trying to impress anyone and I just want to make some syrup with fruit that isn’t too seedy, I won’t use anything other than a saucepan and spoon, really.

What Do I Do?

Having some water beside the stove would be wise, depending on the amount of syrup you’re trying to make. A splash wouldn’t hurt anything and would make sure your syrup can easily spread.

If you’re going the “I don’t want to fool with anything extra” route, just take off the stems and rinse your blueberries. From there, pour just a tidbit (unless you’re using a lot of berries) of water into a saucepan and bring it to a boil. Once it’s almost boiling, add the sugar and stir it until it dissolves. Add your blueberries and stir. 

Now, I like to let everything come to a near-boil once I’ve added the berries, but I don’t let it boil! I turn off the heat or switch it to low, and smush (mash) the berries before they have a chance to burst on their own. I find that, for me, that makes it less difficult to clean up and seems to do something extra for the overall flavor. I stir everything together between squishes. I repeat this gently until I have a syrup. I try not to add extra water unless it tastes too sweet because I don’t like thin syrups. If you do, add plenty of water!

I’m not sure if it makes a huge difference, but I like to wait to add my lemon until the very end because I use a sprinkle of zest from the peel as well as the fresh juice within the fruit. Then, tada! You have successfully made your first batch of homemade blueberry syrup. It can only go up from there, with more intricate preparation and additional flavors or ingredients! Good luck, and enjoy!

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