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Lemon Cream Sauce for Fish

Lemon Cream Sauce for Fish
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I’ve recently had the luxury of eating fresh-caught fish more often than ever before in my life. I love it plain, but I’ve been looking for the perfect lemon cream sauce for fish. (You know, just in case!) I haven’t eaten lemon-flavored fish in a while, but creating this sauce is good enough for me!

I dove into several recipes, analyzing the ingredients and my personal preferences. I love combining different ideas and tastes, as y’all know by now… I have to say, the simplest and healthiest option can be found here. I praise it because you can achieve a slightly creamy (yet tremendously enjoyable) sauce with coconut cream. Love it!

With most lemon cream sauces for fish, you’ll be using oil, butter, pepper, and lemon juice. My mom used to love making lemon-pepper chicken or fish. Add whipped cream, or something similar, and you’ve got creamy goodness for your fish. I bet you could tinker with some Greek yogurt for your cream base, too. I haven’t tried it myself, so if you try or have tried that, let me know how it is!

Lemon Cream Sauce Ingredients

The twisted combination I’ve settled on excites my palate just thinking about it! Thank you, to all the wonderful, existing recipes out there for helping me understand food a little better than I used to! I love learning more every day. Alright, we need to round up some:

  • White wine — some type of cooking vinegar, butter, or oil if you’d like to exclude alcohol

  • Freshly diced shallot

  • Coconut cream

  • Salt; Kosher or sea salt would be best
  • Fresh lemon juice (but bottled will be okay in a pinch!)

There are many specific recipes out there to enjoy, but I suggest getting to know ingredients. When you discover the depth behind what your taste buds love, you can create all sorts of beautiful recipes! For instance, I made my very own jalapeño poppers the other day based on recipes I loved but with my own addition. The result, according to each of my personal judges, was “heavenly!”

With that being said, try whipping up your own lemon cream sauce for fish with these ingredients and see what you could add to it to perfect it for yourself and your guests. Happy cooking!

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