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Homemade Meat Ravioli Recipe

Homemade Meat Ravioli Recipe
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One of my favorite meals growing up was ravioli, so I’m really excited to learn how to follow a meat ravioli recipe! Seriously, I ate so much of the stuff I got sick many times (without getting sick of it). As we all know by now, I’m not too fond of measurements except in very strategic dishes. This is one of those recipes I’m gonna leave up to your taste buds! Because a meat ravioli recipe can go from great to horrible so easily, I think it’s one of those dishes everyone should find the perfect seasonings (for themselves), meats, and other ingredients for to enjoy the meal thoroughly.

A Meat Ravioli Recipe Must Call for Several Ingredients, Right?

Wrong! You basically only need meat, wraps, and a little egg yolk to make the wraps stick together. Any other ingredients and spices are totally up to you! I like meat-and-cheese ravioli, so I will include both in my recipe, but feel free to disregard the cheese if you’re not a fan or you’re lactose intolerant!

We need:

  • ground beef
  • chopped onion
  • garlic cloves
  • salt and pepper
  • fresh cheese (such as ricotta and/or Parmesan [no bottled stuff if you want the best results])
  • parsley (I would use oregano, instead, on my favorite dishes)
  • egg
  • wonton wrappers
  • (separated) beaten egg yolk

That list of ingredients isn’t nearly as overwhelming as I expected it to be. You can always build up from there. That’s where I find the most pleasure in learning the pure basics of dishes.

Once you master the basics, you can usually create some pretty awesome variations. I do this often with my grandmother’s lumpia, but we’ll save that for another day! I just want to remind everyone to be creative when cooking, like all those trainers who tell you to enjoy your exercise routine.

Your food will, undoubtedly, reflect your mood. With a delicate pasta like this, take care not to take your frustrations out on it if you’d like it to look and taste fabulous! It needs to be held very gently at the end, so treat it more like a baby pasta bird that you don’t want to hurt and think is cute.

How Do I Put it Together?

This method will walk you through how to prepare your meat ravioli recipe, up to placing it in the oven, because I like to freeze mine and make it later.

  1. Plop your seasoned beef, onion, and garlic into a warmed skillet over medium heat.
  2. Enjoy the fresh aromas while you brown the beef.
  3. When it’s all cooked, remove, and drain the skillet’s ingredients.
  4. In a bowl (not the hot skillet), combine your cheese, oregano, egg, and beef.
  5. Prepare a baking sheet with a wee bit of flour.
  6. Put half of your total amount of wrappers on a prepped (with flour) surface.
  7. Get a spoonful of your meat mix and gently fill the center of each wrapper. Be sure to leave edges to seal.
  8. (To make sure the wraps stick together) brush a little egg yolk around the edges of the wraps.
  9. Grab the missing top pieces and place them over the meat and other wraps.
  10. Be sure to remove the air pockets and press the edges together tightly to form your ravioli shapes.
  11. (optional) Make the edges pretty with the ends of a fork.
  12. Bake your ravioli to perfection!

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