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What is Pork Banh Mi?

What is Pork Banh Mi?
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Pork banh mi sounded to me like “ban me, pork!” All jokes aside, bánh mì is what they refer to bread as in Vietnamese. With the word pork added to the beginning of the phrase, we can safely assume that pork banh mi is a type of pork sandwich!

More often than not, you’ll find pork banh mi served on a baguette. Add some delicious veggies or fruit and “wrap” it in bread! You don’t have to find or make your own baguette in order to enjoy this sandwich but it would feel slightly more authentic if you did!

What Kind of Pork is in the Banh Mi?

The short answer to that is any kind your heart desires! I just wouldn’t suggest raw pork… Anyway, if you want some serious ideas because you’re thinking about making one, let’s consider some of our options.

  • Grilled, thick or thin sliced
  • Pulled, barbecued, shredded
  • Meatballs
  • Ground
  • Patty-style
  • Cold (and cured, not raw!)

As for the cuts of pork typically used in pork banh mi, you’ll commonly find belly, shoulder, and tenderloin selections.

Is There Anything Else in Them?

Your taste buds will be happy to know that there are several, authentic veggies and additions to choose from or combine with your pork banh mi! The most popular choices are:

  • Cucumbers
  • Pickled carrots and (or) daikon radishes
  • Sprigs of your favorite (pork-friendly) herbs
  • Chiles or jalapeños (I would definitely use both)
  • Chicken (or duck) pâté
  • A mayonnaise or similar spread

If you aren’t familiar with what chicken pâté is… it’s liver whipped up into a mousse or parfait-like texture. It throws me off when I first try to imagine it, but it is considered a fine companion to flavorful meats. It is praised for having a sophisticated and more desirable taste than the standard edible liver varieties.

“Don’t knock it ’till you try it” and all that jazz… If I ever have the chance to have an authentic pork banh mi (that I don’t have to prepare), I will try it with all of the above-mentioned fixings! I can imagine the tangy, savory crispy bites of the sandwich already! Creations such as these certainly make me a little less scared of pork, and I’m not complaining! It may take a little while for me to come around to liver, though! If you make or go out and try pork banh mi yourself, I hope you enjoy it!

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