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What is Pork Souvlaki?

What is Pork Souvlaki?

Pork souvlaki (souvlakia if plural) is traditionally a Greek form of fast food. They usually make souvlaki with pork or lamb, but other meats can be used as well.

It might sound a little weird, but all it is is meat on a skewer! Roasted meat marinated in garlic, oregano, and lemon juice, typically.

If it’s to be considered “fast food,” it will be served just on the skewer or wrapped in pita bread. If you’re eating it full plate style, it will be served on top of and alongside the vegetables and other foods that would be inside the pita. In America, we’re a little more used to kebobs than souvlakia!

How Would I Prepare Pork Souvlaki?

You’ll need some pork, first and foremost. Preferably pork loin. Chop it up into cubes and soak it in the marinade for half an hour or overnight. (Lemon, garlic, oregano, salt, and pepper).

After it’s soaked up all that flavor, grab some big skewers (unless you’ve chopped the loin into tiny chunks). Place a few of those cubes onto each of the skewers, but don’t cram them so tight that the meat could fall off. Depending on the size, 4-6 pieces per skewer is a nice amount.

Once you have the loin chunks on the skewers, brush each side of them with the leftover marinade for enhanced flavor during cooking.

Broil or roast your pork until the internal temperature is at least 145°F. I feel safest letting pork reach 155°F or higher, myself. 160°F was the standard, once upon a time. That is a bit too dry for some folks, though. The new standard is lower and allows the pork to stay moist without being dangerous to eat.

While your meat is cooking, you may consider preparing some vegetables and fried potatoes to go with the pork souvlaki.

Also, get some pita bread! If you don’t want to wrap them in it, just cut the bread into quarters and use it as a dipping chip! 

If you do decide to use pita bread, you may also want to add some tzatziki to the bread. If you enjoy eating garlic, cucumbers, and yogurt, tzatziki should go perfectly with your zesty pork souvlaki. It’s used as a dip but also primarily for pita sandwiches with grilled meat. You may be thinking “yuck!” But remember, Greek yogurt is a bit different than our yogurt! The taste isn’t quite the same and tzatziki sounds like a middle ground between having mayonnaise or ranch on your sandwich. (Which many of us already do!) So definitely give it a try if you decide to make pork souvlaki!

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