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What is a Raspberry Clafoutis?

What is a Raspberry Clafoutis?
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The beloved raspberry clafoutis is a complete and total fraud! It’s a delicious one, but it should be referred to as a “flaugnarde.” The reason we can’t rightfully call delicious raspberry flaugnardes “clafoutis” instead is due to one simple fact. Clafoutis got its name from the French creation of a custardy tart filled with black cherries instead of other fruits. In history, they also baked the tarts with the whole cherry (pits included). By leaving the pits, the flavor and aroma of cherry could be considered intoxicating to a cherry lover’s senses! (Not to mention being dangerous to your poor teeth!)

What Does a Raspberry Clafoutis (Flaugnarde) Consist of?

When I first saw some of the pictures of the raspberry tarts, I was reminded of a cheesecake without the crust. The clafoutis’ custard consistency is thanks to the careful combination of eggs, sugar, flour, vanilla, milk, salt, and a bit of nutmeg.

The raspberries may be fresh or frozen, whichever you prefer.

How to Make a Raspberry “Clafoutis”

Oh, if you haven’t already discovered this, the “S” is silent on the end. If the above-mentioned ingredients remind you of pancakes, you’re really not wrong! With stovetop preparation, many people compare the two. Our clafoutis will just be a bit less dry and is usually baked!

In order to prepare our French raspberry tarts in an oven, we will need to:

  1. Preheat our oven to 350° Fahrenheit.

  2. Prepare a baking (or pie) dish with butter. Oil or non-stick spray is fine, too.

  3. Grab a handful of raspberries at a time and spread them evenly across the bottom of your dish. Leave a handful or two behind for garnishing the finished product. You’ll be sure to impress your guests with a garnished, fresh fruit dessert!

  4. Beat the rowdy little eggs until they become nice and foamy.

  5. Add the milk, flour, sugar, vanilla, and salt to the eggs and combine.

  6. When evenly mixed, pour the clafoutis batter all over the raspberries.

  7. Carefully place your baking dish in the preheated oven.

  8. Cook for about 30 minutes, or until a utensil stuck in the center of the clafoutis comes out clean.

  9. Garnish the tart with the extra raspberries! Some people like to sprinkle powdered sugar on top, but I like the idea of a little drizzle of honey on it, fresh out of the oven.

You can serve and enjoy the raspberry clafoutis (ahem, flaugnarde) either cold or warm. This sounds like a delicious dessert for a bright, sunny day! Hey, if it’s a gloomy day, maybe this dessert could even turn that right around!

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