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Creme de Violette Cocktails

creme de violette cocktails aviation

Creme de Violette Cocktails If you’re wondering if a Creme de Violette cocktails are just a “purple drinks,” think again! They’re much more magical than that. Crème de Violette is a liqueur, which is enhanced with, either natural or artificial, violet flower-flavoring and coloring. A variety of bases can be used …

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Want to Learn How to Make a Lavender Martini?

lavender martini barrel

Want to Learn How to Make a Lavender Martini? A lavender martini sounds incredibly fascinating, not to mention delicious. I’m more than excited to learn how to make them! For those of you who are curious as to what lavender anything is (besides the pretty color), we’re going to discuss that as well! …

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Make Ahead Party Food Ideas

make ahead party food plate

Make Ahead Party Food Ideas Let’s discuss some of our make ahead party food options. Maybe you’re just attending it, as I (briefly) would be. Either way, you’ve been asked to or need to bring something! Depending on what kind of get-together it is, you could get away with a …

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Traditional Christmas Cocktail

christmas cocktail featured

Traditional Christmas Cocktail When I think of enjoying a Christmas cocktail, I automatically think of eggnog. I can’t drink milk and shouldn’t eat cheese. This isn’t an issue for many because they do not enjoy drinking milk. I loved it. It was tough to get used to. But what I’ve managed to do …

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Pimm’s Cocktail Made Easy

pimms cocktail featured

Pimm’s Cocktail Made Easy If you drink gin fairly often, you’ve probably heard of a Pimm’s cocktail. If not, then let’s learn about them! Pimm’s cocktails are usually made with Pimm’s No. 1 or prepared gin. If you want to, buy some and try it with the rest of the …

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