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What Are Some Easy Banana Pie Recipes?

What Are Some Easy Banana Pie Recipes?
What Are Some Easy Banana Pie Recipes?

People do not quite realize how much of a versatile fruit the banana really is. You can eat it directly, you can use it in savoury dishes and you can also make desserts out of it. Speaking of banana desserts, almost everyone is a fan of the banana pie. It is a classic American pie with a rich history and a delightful taste. It is certainly not among the fanciest desserts in the country, but it is still very popular and is the kind of dessert that you would enjoy making at home. If you have children at home, you get ask them to join you in baking a lovely banana pie for lunch or dinner. It goes without saying that the key to making an amazing pie is selecting ripe, flavourful bananas with a firm texture. Do not use bananas that have gone mushy or stale. Using poor quality bananas will ruin your dessert and get your children less interested in baking with you.

Contrary to popular belief, there are different versions of banana pies out there. Over the years, the banana pie recipe has evolved quite significantly. You do not have to make the classic banana pie if you think that it is a little too conventional and simple. You could also add your own twist to the banana pie recipe. But making an exciting modern version of the banana pie requires a certain degree of creativity. If you are in want of creative ideas, then here’s three fail proof modern banana pie recipes to help you out.

1) Banana Pie Peanut Butter Recipe

List of Ingredients:

● A small pack of pudding and pie filling mix

●Two cups of milk

● Two small cups of marshmallows

● Half a cup of heavy cream

● Two well sliced bananas

For the crust

● 3 cups of marshmallows

●A quarter of a cup of margarine

● Half a cup of peanut butter

● 4 cups of cornflakes


a) The first step is to prepare the vanilla pudding mix. Make sure that you use the two cups of milk along with following all the instructions mentioned at the back of the packaging.

b) Chill the mix and fold in one and a half cups of marshmallows, bananas and whipped cream.

c) Take a bowl and combine the remaining marshmallows, peanut butter and margarine.

d) Add cornflakes to the mixture and stir it properly.

e) Transfer the contents into an oiled or greased pie plate. Let it chill.

f) For the final step, you need to fill up the pie plate with the pudding mixture. For the added visual effect, top the pie off with some freshly whipped cream.

2) Chocolate Banana Pie Recipe

List of Ingredients

● 4 tbsp of peanut butter

● 3 tbsp of sugar

● Half an ounce of crisped rice cereal

● A banana (sliced up for the recipe)

● A pack of instant chocolate pudding (You can bake your own chocolate pudding if you wanted to. You can also buy chocolate pudding from your local dessert shop)

● 2 cups of milk


a) The peanut butter should first be melted and combined with the sugar.

b) Next, you have to mix in the crisped rice cereal.

c) Combine the pudding with the milk. You can adjust the quantities to balance out the mixture.

d) The sliced banana should then be arranged on the pie shell

e) Pour all of the pudding over the banana. Make sure that every single slice of banana has been well covered.

f) Refrigerate the pie before serving it up to your family or friends

3) Vanilla Banana Pie Recipe

List of Ingredients

● 4 ripe bananas (well sliced for the recipe)

● A quarter of a cup of flour

● 2 egg yolks

● 1 tbsp of butter

● A cup of boiling water

● A cup of sugar

● Few pinches of salt

● Vanilla seeds scraped from 10 vanilla beans plus some more for garnish (if vanilla beans are unavailable, you can use drops of vanilla essence)

● One baked pastry shell

● 5 tbsp of condensed milk

● Store bought or homemade vanilla ice cream


a) Start by mixing the flour, sugar and salt in a bowl. Add the egg yolks straight into the bowl along with sufficient quantities of cold water. Mix all the ingredients together to form a smooth and velvety paste.

b) Pour the boiling water into the mixture. Keep stirring and whisking it to retain the smoothness of the mixture. This mixture is now ready to be cooked. Cook it for several minutes or until it becomes really thick.

c) Once the mixture thickens, you can add milk, vanilla seeds and butter.

d) Cool a pastry shell and arrange banana slices on top of it.

e) The chilled mixture of evaporated milk, vanilla seeds and butter should be poured into the pastry shell.

f) Keep the pie in the refrigerator for a few hours at least.

g) Instead of topping it off with whipped cream, serve each slice of the pie with vanilla ice cream.

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