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What is Galliano?

What is Galliano?
what is galliano drink

What is Galliano, you ask? The slightly sunny-looking, alcoholic drink is named Galliano L’Autentico. The color is meant to be a slight reminder of the gold rushes of and before that time.

The popular Italian liqueur was crafted by a fellow known as Arturo Vaccari. He paid tribute to a famous Italian war hero who went by Giuseppe Galliano. Galliano died the same year the herbal liqueur was gifted to the public, which was in 1896.

If you’re unfamiliar with this subject, as I was, you may be wondering right about now what exactly liqueur is. I was tempted to change the spelling to “liquor,” but I saved myself from that slight embarrassment. I researched to see if there was a difference between the two, just in case, because my gut didn’t agree with calling it liquor. If you wish to bestow the title of liqueur upon a drink, you must add something sweet to a simple liquor. You may choose almost any pure, sweet addition you like, but I suggest learning the proper techniques and measurements if you want to try it on your own!

What is Galliano Best Served With?

The most noticeable and praised ingredient  in Galliano is vanilla, followed by a couple forms of anise. If you’re curious, star anise tastes somewhat similar to licorice to many palates. I haven’t knowingly tried star anise, myself, yet. They do have an interesting appearance similar to what you’d probably expect, given the name.

Anyway, the flavor of vanilla is loved by many because of its creamy sweetness. It is also slightly powerful in terms of taste, smell, and its scale of sweetness. You know what this means, right? You don’t have to mix a Galliano cocktail with a sugary soda to enjoy it.

Think about the combination of vanilla and a slight licorice taste. Add some bright and outdoorsy tastes and you can imagine what Galliano might taste like before you let your palate physically experience it! This is exactly what fans of the herbal liqueur crave and rave about.

If you want to really dive into the taste of Galliano, eat a dinner that you won’t wish to follow with a bedtime snack first. Then request or pour some in a sipping glass. It should, as its glass would imply, be sipped on to satisfy your palate and stomach almost as a dessert would without the extra heaviness. By the way, try not to chill it before you enjoy it for the first time.

If you still insist on having something with your Galliano, consider vanilla-friendly flavors. You can mix it with fresh citrus juices, but they may overpower the natural flavors of the liqueur. Some people like to mix it simply with a nice bourbon. If you’re looking for more of an actual cocktail to mix Galliano into, check out some Harvey Wallbanger recipes!

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