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What is Wakame Salad?

What is Wakame Salad?

Have you ever heard of wakame salad? I hadn’t, either! Well, not by its rightful name, anyway! The shiny, green stuff you see? That’s wakame. Wakame is an edible sea vegetable that you’ve probably heard called seaweed. There are kinds of seaweed that are edible as well as kinds that are not.

Don’t just grab a handful of seaweed the next time you go to the beach and expect it to be delicious!

A Little Info on Wakame

Wakame is most popular in Japan, China, and Korea. Chances are, if you’re preparing it, you’ll be opening a bag of dried wakame. As you can imagine, you don’t eat it that way. You will need to soak it in water or liquid seasoning before enjoying it. That’s how it gets its smooth, shiny appearance that you see in the pictures. If you don’t want to fool with rehydrating the wakame, consider turning it into powder to use as a spice.

How to Make Wakame Salad

The most common suggestion for rehydrating your wakame is a soy sauce, lemon, and rice vinegar marinade. It should take half an hour or less for most forms to retain moisture again. If you are in too much of a rush to sit and wait for it to soak, you can boil it!

As far as what we should add to the salad, the suggestions vary greatly. Some suggest only a little extra oil and salt and pepper. Some suggest adding something sweet, like cucumbers, sugar, honey, or fruit. Others suggest that something tangy is best, such as vinegar, sour fruit, more soy sauce, and so on.

Since we’re talking about making a salad, we’re not going to consider leaving the wakame dry. When I’m thinking about trying food I’ve never had before, I like to find very simplistic recipes. That way I know what I’m tasting first and foremost is the food in question! 

For something like wakame salad, I recommend the same. Take a glance at a few different recipes and ingredients, see what speaks out to you, and go from there. The less added to it, the better! Then you’ll know how you feel about it!

For my first time preparing wakame salad, I’d stick to using the suggested marinade. After it’s wet again and ready to slap onto a plate, I’d only add a little salt, pepper, sesame oil, and maybe a sprinkle of garlic and/or ginger. The first three additions, definitely. The last two, I mention in case I take a bite and think it’s horribly bland. Garlic and ginger add wonderful flavor to many things, this salad shouldn’t be any different!

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to try some now! I’ve had it before, but it’s been a few years. That just means it’s time to put together a wakame salad for myself! Hopefully, you find a wakame salad recipe you enjoy as well! Thank you for choosing to learn with us again.

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